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Special Collections

Alphabetical list of Ushaw Special Collections Catalogues

Alphabetical list of Special Collections Catalogues at Ushaw College Library

  Catalogue     Last revised  
  Ushaw College Administration: Management Records     2014-09-03  
  Ushaw College Administration: Building Records     2014-09-03  
  Ushaw College Administration: Estate Records     2014-11-19  
  Ushaw College Administration: Financial Records     2014-09-03  
  Ushaw College Administration: Chapel Records     2014-09-03  
  Ushaw College Administration: Library Records     2014-09-03  
  Ushaw College Administration: Photographs     2014-11-19  
  Ushaw College Administration: Teaching Records     2014-09-03  
  Ushaw College Administration: College Life Records     2014-09-03  
  Joseph Bamber Papers     2012-01-01  
  John Barrow Papers     2012-01-01  
  Bishops' Appointments     2012-01-01  
  Edwin Bonney Papers     2012-01-01  
  Bourne Family Papers     2012-01-01  
  William Brown Papers     2012-01-01  
  Louis Casartelli Papers     2012-01-01  
  Douai Miscellany     2013-03-06  
  English Martyrs Papers     2013-03-06  
  Chadwick family papers     2014-11-19  
  Vincent Eyre Manuscripts     2013-02-13  
  Eyre Papers     2014-12-08  
  Fabré Papers     2012-01-01  
  Haydock Family Papers     2013-02-13  
  John Joseph Hornyold Papers     2012-11-01  
  Philip Hughes Papers     2013-01-01  
  Jacobite Papers     2012-01-01  
  John Lingard Papers     2013-03-06  
  Lisbon College Financial Papers     2014-11-19  
  Lisbon College Agents Accounts Papers     2014-08-15  
  Lisbon College Certificates of Reconciliation     2014-08-15  
  Lisbon College Constitutions and Rules     2014-08-15  
  Lisbon College Conversion Literature     2014-01-16  
  Lisbon College Ecclesiastical Licences (Non-Roman)     2014-08-15  
  Lisbon College Funds Papers     2014-01-16  
  Lisbon College Life Papers     2014-01-16  
  Lisbon College Oaths     2014-05-06  
  Lisbon College Ordination Papers     2014-08-15  
  Lisbon College Patents     2014-01-16  
  Sermons (Lisbon College)     2014-09-03  
  Lisbon College Roman Documents     2014-01-16  
  Lisbon College Syon Abbey Papers     2014-05-06  
  Lisbon College Cawley Letters and Papers     2014-08-15  
  Lisbon College Sullivan Papers     2014-05-06  
  Lisbon College Teaching Papers     2013-02-13  
  Lisbon College John Winder Papers     2014-08-15  
  Lisbon College Volumes     2014-05-06  
  Lisbon College Wills     2014-08-15  
  Manning Letters     2012-11-01  
  Manning-King Letters     2014-01-16  
  Lancashire-Ushaw Papers     2014-08-15  
  Lawrence McReavy Papers     2013-01-01  
  Merry del Val Papers     2012-05-01  
  John Henry Newman Letters     2012-11-01  
  Charles Newsham Papers     2012-12-01  
  Northern Vicariate Mission Papers     2013-03-06  
  Old Miscellany Collection     2013-03-06  
  Oscott Papers     2012-11-01  
  Bernard Payne Papers     2012-01-01  
  Old Chapter Papers     2014-05-06  
  St Omers Papers     2014-08-15  
  G. E. Phillips Papers     2013-02-13  
  Ushaw College Administration: Objects and Museum Records     2014-05-06  
  Catalogue of the St Cuthbert's Society (Ushaw) Papers     2015-06-11  
  Radclyffe/Derwentwater Papers     2012-05-01  
  Richard Russell Papers     2012-12-01  
  Miscellaneous Sermons in Ushaw College Library     2013-02-13  
  John Smith of Brooms Papers     2012-01-01  
  Tate-Slater Letters     2012-01-01  
  Francis Thompson Papers     2012-11-01  
  Edward Towers Papers     2012-12-01  
  Ushaw Collection of Manuscripts Volume I     2012-12-01  
  Ushaw Collection of Manuscripts Volume II     2012-12-01  
  Ushaw Collection of Manuscripts Volume III     2012-12-01  
  Ushaw Collection of Manuscripts Volume IV     2012-12-01  
  Ushaw Collection of Manuscripts Volume V     2012-12-01  
  Ushaw College: Additional Manuscripts     2014-09-03  
  Big Library Manuscript Volumes     2014-05-06  
  Ushaw College Catholic History Research Papers     2013-02-13  
  Ushaw College History Papers     2013-03-06  
  Ushaw Presidents' Archive     2013-03-05  
  Vicariate/Diocesan Papers     2014-01-16  
  John Walker Papers     2014-01-16  
  Bishop Thomas Walsh's letters to the Earl of Shrewsbury     2012-11-01  
  Wilberforce Letters     2012-11-01  
  Thomas Wilkinson Papers     2012-05-01  
  Nicholas Wiseman Papers     2014-01-16  
  Catholics for a Changing Church Archive     2015-02-04  
  Catholic Student Council Papers     2015-02-04  
  University Catholic Federation of Great Britain Papers     2015-02-04  
  Vernacular Society of Great Britain Papers     2015-04-09