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Special Collections

Alphabetical list of Special Collections

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  Abbas Hilmi II Papers
  Abbott Literary MSS [Abbott Papers]  
  Abbott Papers
  Acland, P.B.E. [Sudan Archive]  
  Addison, F. [Sudan Archive]  
  Additional Manuscripts
  Aglen, E.F. [Sudan Archive]  
  Aglen, P. [Sudan Archive]  
  Ahfad University for Women, Omdurman [Sudan Archive]  
  Robin Dix Akenside Collection
  Allan, W.N. [Sudan Archive]  
  Allegri String Quartet Archive
  Louis Allen Papers
  Allison, O.C. [Sudan Archive]  
  Andrews, W.J.R. [Sudan Archive]  
  Arber, H.B. [Sudan Archive]  
  Arbuthnot, E.D. [Sudan Archive]  
  Archer, G.F. [Sudan Archive]  
  Archibald, R.G. [Sudan Archive]  
  Architectural & Archaeological Society of Durham & Northumberland
  Arkell, A.J. [Sudan Archive]  
  Armbruster, C.H. [Sudan Archive]  
  Keith Armstrong Collection
  Arthur, A.J.V. [Sudan Archive]  
  Ashford, H.N. [Sudan Archive]  
  Atiyah family [Sudan Archive]  
  Atterbury, F. [Sudan Archive]  
  Auckland Castle Episcopal Records
  Audas, R.S. [Sudan Archive]  
  Austin, H.H. [Sudan Archive]  
  Austin, S.T. [Sudan Archive]  
  Ayres, H.F. [Sudan Archive]  
  Backhouse Papers
  Baillie-Strong, W. [Sudan Archive]  
  Baily, R.E.H. [Sudan Archive]  
  Baker Baker Papers
  Baker, E.G. [Sudan Archive]  
  Baldry, F.E. [Sudan Archive]  
  Balfour, A. [Sudan Archive]  
  Balfour, E.A. [Sudan Archive]  
  Balfour, F.C.C. [Sudan Archive]  
  Bamburgh Library
  Bamburgh Manuscripts [Bamburgh Library]  
  Baring (Howick of Glendale) Papers [Earl Grey Papers]  
  A. Baring [Sudan Archive]  
  Barnett, A S [Sudan Archive]  
  Barter, G.H. [Sudan Archive]  
  Beasley, I.M. [Sudan Archive]  
  Beckinsale, F.T. [Sudan Archive]  
  Beer, C.W. [Sudan Archive]  
  Bentley Beetham Collection
  Bell, G.W. [Sudan Archive]  
  Bickersteth, E.J. [Sudan Archive]  
  Bishop Cosin's Library
  Durham Diocesan Records: Bishops' transcripts of parish registers [Durham Diocesan Records]  
  Thomas Blackburn Papers [Additional Manuscripts]  
  John Stevens Blackett letters on the Indian Mutiny [Additional Manuscripts]  
  Blaikie, J.A.A. [Sudan Archive]  
  Robert Blair Papers
  Bloss, J.F.E. [Sudan Archive]  
  Blunt, H.S. [Sudan Archive]  
  Blyth, G.F.P. [Sudan Archive]  
  Boardman, F.R. [Sudan Archive]  
  Bolland, A.P. [Sudan Archive]  
  Bollard, E.G. [Sudan Archive]  
  Bolton, A.R.C. [Sudan Archive]  
  Bonfanti, A. [Sudan Archive]  
  Booth & Lazenby Papers
  Boscott, A.J. [Sudan Archive]  
  Bowcock, P.P. [Sudan Archive]  
  Bran, H. [Sudan Archive]  
  Bredin, G.R.F. [Sudan Archive]  
  Bridgman, G.B. [Sudan Archive]  
  Bright, J.A. [Sudan Archive]  
  British Council Poetry Reading Tapes
  British Records Association deposits of deeds
  Karl Britton Papers
  Broadbent, P.B. [Sudan Archive]  
  Broadhurst, R.J.C. [Sudan Archive]  
  Brocklehurst, J.F. [Sudan Archive]  
  Brown, W.B.E. [Sudan Archive]  
  Browne, C.P. [Sudan Archive]  
  Brownell, C.M. [Sudan Archive]  
  Bruce-Gardyne, I. M. [Sudan Archive]  
  P. C. Bryson [Sudan Archive]  
  Buchanan, L.M. [Sudan Archive]  
  Bulkeley, R.I.P. [Sudan Archive]  
  Bullen, H.B. [Sudan Archive]  
  C. de Bunsen [Sudan Archive]  
  Basil Bunting Poetry Archive
  Jabez Bunting Transcripts
  Bishop Basil Butler papers
  Butler, S.S. [Sudan Archive]  
  Cameron, A. [Sudan Archive]  
  Cameron, J. [Sudan Archive]  
  Cameron, J.N. [Sudan Archive]  
  Carless, T.F.G. [Sudan Archive]  
  Carlisle, B.A. [Sudan Archive]  
  Carmichael, J. [Sudan Archive]  
  Carter, H. [Sudan Archive]  
  J. A. Cass [Sudan Archive]  
  Chappell, L.W. [Sudan Archive]  
  Charlton, C.E.G. [Sudan Archive]  
  Charlton, F.N. [Sudan Archive]  
  Chester Deanery Manorial Records (BRA 1272) [British Records Association Deeds]  
  Chevallier/Corrie correspondence [Additional Manuscripts]  
  Christopherson, J.B. [Sudan Archive]  
  Church Commission deposit of Durham Bishopric Estate Records
  Church Commission deposit of Durham Cathedral Estate Records
  Church Commission deposit of Durham Diocese parsonage - houses, benefice and chapelry income papers
  Clavering of Greencroft Manuscripts
  Claxton in Greatham Deeds
  Claydon, S.J. [Sudan Archive]  
  Clayton and Gibson Papers
  Clayton, G.F. [Sudan Archive]  
  Collins, R.O. [Sudan Archive]  
  Colpitts Poetry Readings Archive
  Cooke, J.F. [Sudan Archive]  
  Cookson Family Papers
  Cooper, R.M. [Sudan Archive]  
  Copley Letters [Earl Grey Papers]  
  H. T. Corlass [Sudan Archive]  
  Cosin Letter Books
  Cosin Manuscripts
  Cox, C.W.M. [Sudan Archive]  
  Crawford, W.F. [Sudan Archive]  
  Crayke Deeds
  Cremation Society Archive
  Crispin, E.S. [Sudan Archive]  
  Crole, G.B. [Sudan Archive]  
  Cromer Papers [Earl Grey Papers]  
  Crompton, C.W.L. [Sudan Archive]  
  Crowfoot, J.W. [Sudan Archive]  
  Crowther, F. [Sudan Archive]  
  Cruickshank, Dr A. [Sudan Archive]  
  Culwick, G.M. [Sudan Archive]  
  Cummins, J.W. [Sudan Archive]  
  Cunningham, St C. U. [Sudan Archive]  
  Cunnison, I. [Sudan Archive]  
  M. W. Daly [Sudan Archive]  
  Daniell, J.P.S. [Sudan Archive]  
  Darlington Turnpike Deeds
  R. J. Darvall [Sudan Archive]  
  Davies, R. [Sudan Archive]  
  Dee, B.D.McD. [Sudan Archive]  
  Dening, B.H. [Sudan Archive]  
  Dept of Archaeology Photographic Deposit [Durham University Records]  
  Dept of Geology Lantern Slides [Durham University Records]  
  Dick, J.H. [Sudan Archive]  
  P. M. Dickens [Sudan Archive]  
  Dingwall, R.G. [Sudan Archive]  
  Disney, A.W.M. [Sudan Archive]  
  Dixon-Johnson Papers
  Donald, J.C.N. [Sudan Archive]  
  Douglas, I.W. [Sudan Archive]  
  Dowthwaite, Bunny and Bacon deeds [British Records Association Deeds]  
  Drew, C.B. [Sudan Archive]  
  Duff Papers
  Duncan, J.S.R. [Sudan Archive]  
  Dunn, S.C. [Sudan Archive]  
  Dupuis, C.G. [Sudan Archive]  
  Durham Bishopric Halmote Court Records
  Durham Castle buildings archive [Durham University Records]  
  Durham Cathedral Archive
  Durham City Deeds
  Durham City Freemen's Records
  Durham City Guild Records
  Durham Diocesan Records
  Durham Land Tax Records
  Durham Palatinate Mint Coin Collection
  Durham Priory Microfilms
  Durham Probate Records
  Durham University Music Exercises [Durham University Records]  
  Durham University Observatory Manuscripts [Observatory Collection]  
  Durham University Records
  Durham University Records: Foundation and Statutes [Durham University Records]  
  Durham University Records: Central Committees [Durham University Records]  
  Durham University Records: Central Administration and Officers [Durham University Records]  
  Durham University Records: Faculties and Departments [Durham University Records]  
  Durham University Records: Support Services [Durham University Records]  
  Durham University Records: Colleges [Durham University Records]  
  Durham University Records: Associations and Societies [Durham University Records]  
  Durham University Records: King's College [Durham University Records]  
  Durham University Records: Stockton/Queen's Campus [Durham University Records]  
  Durham University Records: Publications [Durham University Records]  
  Eden Papers
  Edis Negatives
  J. M. Edmonds [Sudan Archive]  
  J. C. Edwards [Sudan Archive]  
  Elderton, R. P. S. [Sudan Archive]  
  Ellershaw Collection
  John Ellerton Archive
  Elliott Collection
  Elliott Manuscripts
  Espeland, A. [Sudan Archive]  
  Evans, D.M.H. [Sudan Archive]  
  Evans, F.G. [Sudan Archive]  
  Evans, J.T.R. [Sudan Archive]  
  Evans, Mrs M. Gildea [Sudan Archive]  
  Evans, T. [Sudan Archive]  
  T.S. Evans Papers [Old University Manuscripts]  
  Eyre, V.E.F. [Sudan Archive]  
  Fair, J.G. [Sudan Archive]  
  Falke-Johnson, A. [Sudan Archive]  
  H. G. Farbrother [Sudan Archive]  
  Farley, J.J.B. [Sudan Archive]  
  A.S. Farrar Papers [Old University Manuscripts]  
  Farrell, H.B.M. [Sudan Archive]  
  Fenwick Papers (Hylton estates)
  Ferens Papers [Small Gifts and Deposits]  
  Ferguson, H. [Sudan Archive]  
  Fillinghams' Photographs
  Finlay, F.H.R. [Sudan Archive]  
  Flavell, E.C.L. [Sudan Archive]  
  Fleming, M.H.V. [Sudan Archive]  
  Foley, G.F. and H.F. [Sudan Archive]  
  Forbes, W.A.H. [Sudan Archive]  
  Forster, A.J. [Sudan Archive]  
  Forster, Mrs. E. [Sudan Archive]  
  Foster Albums
  Foster Papers
  Foster Slides
  Fouracres, C.E. [Sudan Archive]  
  Franklin, H.C. [Sudan Archive]  
  Franks, G.McK. [Sudan Archive]  
  Frosterley manorial records
  Gaitskell, A. [Sudan Archive]  
  Garrett, R.C. [Sudan Archive]  
  Roy Gazzard papers
  Gibbons, E.P. [Sudan Archive]  
  Gibby Lantern Slides
  Gibby Negatives
  Gibby Papers
  Gibby Photographs
  Gibson maps, plans and volumes
  Gibson, A.N. [Sudan Archive]  
  W. H. Gill [Sudan Archive]  
  Gillan, J.A. [Sudan Archive]  
  Glanville, W.H. [Sudan Archive]  
  Goodenough, W.H. [Sudan Archive]  
  Gordon Memorial College Trust Fund [Sudan Archive]  
  Gray, J.M. [Sudan Archive]  
  Gray, R.W. and O.A. [Sudan Archive]  
  Greatorex Photographs
  Greenslade Deeds
  Grey Estate Papers [Earl Grey Papers]  
  Grey Pamphlets [Grey, Earl Papers]  
  Grey Volumes [Earl Grey Papers]  
  Papers of Albert Henry George, 4th Earl Grey [Earl Grey Papers]  
  Papers of Charles Robert, 5th Earl Grey [Earl Grey Papers]  
  Papers of Charles, 1st Earl Grey [Earl Grey Papers]  
  Papers of Charles, 2nd Earl Grey [Earl Grey Papers]  
  Earl Grey Papers
  Papers of General Charles Grey [Earl Grey Papers]  
  Papers of Henry George, 3rd Earl Grey [Earl Grey Papers]  
  Papers of Maria, Countess Grey [Earl Grey Papers]  
  Miscellaneous minor members of the Grey family [Earl Grey Papers]  
  Grindon deeds
  Gwynne, L.H. [Sudan Archive]  
  Hagger, N. J. W. [Sudan Archive]  
  David J. Hall Collection
  Hamilton, J.A. de C. [Sudan Archive]  
  Harrison, G.F. [Sudan Archive]  
  Harvey, C.R. [Sudan Archive]  
  Harwood, F.L. [Sudan Archive]  
  Hassan, R. [Sudan Archive]  
  Haunch, T.O. [Sudan Archive]  
  R. Hawkes [Sudan Archive]  
  Donald Hawley Papers
  Hayes, K.H.J. [Sudan Archive]  
  H. E. Haymes [Sudan Archive]  
  Hayton, Lee and Braddock (Architects) Records
  Haywood, J.A. [Sudan Archive]  
  Headlam and Headlam-Morley Papers
  Else Headlam-Morley Collection
  Hebbert, H.E. [Sudan Archive]  
  Hedley Deeds
  Arthur Hedley Maps
  Heinekey, G.A. [Sudan Archive]  
  Henderson, K.D.D. [Sudan Archive]  
  Herbert, E.S. [Sudan Archive]  
  Harold Heslop Papers
  Hicks, W. [Sudan Archive]  
  Hicks, W.J. [Sudan Archive]  
  Norman Hidden Collection
  H. C. Hill Papers
  R. L. Hill [Sudan Archive]  
  Hillelson, S. [Sudan Archive]  
  Hills-Young, Miss E. [Sudan Archive]  
  Historical Science Collection
  Hitch, Dr B.M. [Sudan Archive]  
  Hodgkin, R.A. [Sudan Archive]  
  Hogg Manuscripts
  Hogg, P. [Sudan Archive]  
  Holt, P.M. [Sudan Archive]  
  Hornby, Miss E.M. [Sudan Archive]  
  House, A.H. [Sudan Archive]  
  Howard Library
  Howard Library Manuscripts
  Howard of Naworth Papers
  Howell, P.P. [Sudan Archive]  
  Hudleston Papers
  Humphreys, L.E. [Sudan Archive]  
  Hunt, F.B. [Sudan Archive]  
  Hunt, L.S.J. [Sudan Archive]  
  Hunter, A. [Sudan Archive]  
  Hunter, G.G. [Sudan Archive]  
  Hunter, Y. [Sudan Archive]  
  Ibrahim Pasha Letters [Abbas Hilmi II Papers]  
  Ingram, J.H. [Sudan Archive]  
  Jackson, H.C. [Sudan Archive]  
  Jackson, Miss E. [Sudan Archive]  
  James, L. [Sudan Archive]  
  Jane, E. [Sudan Archive]  
  Janson Deeds
  Henry Jenkyns Lectures [Old University Manuscripts]  
  Jephson, A.J.M. [Sudan Archive]  
  Jevons Papers
  Johnson, Mrs. W. [Sudan Archive]  
  Johnston, R.T. [Sudan Archive]  
  T.M. Johnstone Papers
  Dennis Jones Plans
  Juba University [Sudan Archive]  
  Justice Africa [Sudan Archive]  
  Kellett Collection
  Kellett Papers
  Kellett Slides
  Kelly, H.H. [Sudan Archive]  
  Kendall, C.B. [Sudan Archive]  
  Kennedy Cooke, B. [Sudan Archive]  
  Kennedy, M.R. [Sudan Archive]  
  Kennett Family Papers [British Records Association Deeds]  
  Kenny, W.D. [Sudan Archive]  
  Kenrick, J.W. [Sudan Archive]  
  Kenrick, Mrs R. [Sudan Archive]  
  Khartoum Cathedral [Sudan Archive]  
  Nicholas Kilburn Correspondence [Additional Manuscripts]  
  P. Kilner [Sudan Archive]  
  King, G.R. [Sudan Archive]  
  King, H.J. [Sudan Archive]  
  Kingdon, F.D. [Sudan Archive]  
  Kinmonth, W. [Sudan Archive]  
  Kirk-Greene, A.H.M. [Sudan Archive]  
  Lampen, G.D. [Sudan Archive]  
  Laurie, W.G.R.M. [Sudan Archive]  
  Law, W.N.P. [Sudan Archive]  
  J. N. Lawrence [Sudan Archive]  
  Jack Lawson Papers
  Lea, C.A.E. [Sudan Archive]  
  Leach, T.A. [Sudan Archive]  
  T. A. T. Leitch [Sudan Archive]  
  Levison Papers
  Lewis, B.A. [Sudan Archive]  
  Lewis, D. [Sudan Archive]  
  D. J. Lewis [Sudan Archive]  
  L. Lewis [Sudan Archive]  
  Littleburn, Holywell and Nafferton(Brancepeth) Deeds [Small Gifts and Deposits]  
  Lloyd, H.D.W. [Sudan Archive]  
  Local Collection
  Longe, J. [Sudan Archive]  
  Love, Pearson, Ferens and Marshall Papers [Small Gifts and Deposits]  
  W. D. Lowe Collection
  Luce, W.H.T. [Sudan Archive]  
  Lush, M.S. [Sudan Archive]  
  Malcolm MacDonald Papers
  MacGill, R.C.S. [Sudan Archive]  
  Macintosh, E. H. [Sudan Archive]  
  Mackintosh, B.I. [Sudan Archive]  
  Lady Aurea Macleod Papers [Howard of Naworth Papers]  
  N. MacLeod [Sudan Archive]  
  MacMichael, H.A. [Sudan Archive]  
  Macphail, J.G.S. [Sudan Archive]  
  Madden, J.F. [Sudan Archive]  
  Maltby Collection
  Mangan, J.A. [Sudan Archive]  
  Gordon Manley Papers
  Manton, C.H. [Sudan Archive]  
  Manton, E.L. [Sudan Archive]  
  Manwell, L. [Sudan Archive]  
  Printed Maps of North-East England and Cumbria
  Marino, A. [Sudan Archive]  
  Marsden, J. [Sudan Archive]  
  G. H. Martin [Sudan Archive]  
  Martin, L. [Sudan Archive]  
  Mather, W. [Sudan Archive]  
  Maunsell, R.L.D. [Sudan Archive]  
  Mavrogordato, J.G. [Sudan Archive]  
  Mawson's Deposits
  Maxwell, J.G. [Sudan Archive]  
  Mayall, R.C. [Sudan Archive]  
  Mayne, F.S. [Sudan Archive]  
  McComas, R.G. [Sudan Archive]  
  McDowall, W.C. [Sudan Archive]  
  McJannet, F.D. [Sudan Archive]  
  McNeill, T. [Sudan Archive]  
  Mellor, J.E.M. [Sudan Archive]  
  Mickleton & Spearman Manuscripts
  Miller, J. W. E. [Sudan Archive]  
  Milligan, S.L. [Sudan Archive]  
  Milward, C.A. [Sudan Archive]  
  Ministry of Labour Data on Unemployment in Great Britain
  Miscellaneous Small Donations [Sudan Archive]  
  Moir, S.B. [Sudan Archive]  
  Monteith, W.N. [Sudan Archive]  
  Records of the Moor House National Nature Reserve
  Morgan, C.E.F. [Sudan Archive]  
  W. T. W. Morgn [Sudan Archive]  
  Mulholland, P.D. [Sudan Archive]  
  Murray, F.C. [Sudan Archive]  
  Mynors, T.H.B. [Sudan Archive]  
  Nalder, L.F. [Sudan Archive]  
  Neilson, J.R. [Sudan Archive]  
  Newbold, D. [Sudan Archive]  
  Newcastle Solicitors deeds
  Newcombe, E.O.A. [Sudan Archive]  
  Nicholls, W. [Sudan Archive]  
  Nicholson, D.H. [Sudan Archive]  
  Nicholson, H.A. [Sudan Archive]  
  North, C.W. [Sudan Archive]  
  A. J. O'Meara [Sudan Archive]  
  Oberst, H. [Sudan Archive]  
  Old University Manuscripts
  Ord of Sands Hall, Sedgefield, Papers
  Oriental Manuscripts
  Orlebar, J.H.R. [Sudan Archive]  
  Owen, T.R.H. [Sudan Archive]  
  Packe Papers [Small Gifts and Deposits]  
  Palatinate of Durham Records
  Palmer Papers [Earl Grey Papers]  
  Paneth Lantern Slides
  Parker, A.C. [Sudan Archive]  
  Parr, M.W. [Sudan Archive]  
  Parry, J.I. [Sudan Archive]  
  Paul, A. [Sudan Archive]  
  Penesi, E. [Sudan Archive]  
  Penn, A.E.D. [Sudan Archive]  
  Phillips, J.F.S. [Sudan Archive]  
  Durham University Library Miscellaneous Photograph Albums
  Durham University Library Miscellaneous Photographs
  Piercy, C.H.Z. [Sudan Archive]  
  Peter Pindar (John Wolcot) Manuscripts [Additional Manuscripts]  
  Piper, W.G. [Sudan Archive]  
  Plomer Collection
  Polden, A.W. [Sudan Archive]  
  Papers of John, Viscount Ponsonby [Earl Grey Papers]  
  Poor Clares' Library (Darlington)
  Katrina Porteous Beadnell Archive
  Porter Family Correspondence
  Porter, W.A. [Sudan Archive]  
  Portrait Prints
  Power, G.W. [Sudan Archive]  
  Pratt Green Collection
  Pridie, E.D. [Sudan Archive]  
  Quinlan, H. [Sudan Archive]  
  Ezra Rachlin Archive
  James Raine Correspondence [Additional Manuscripts]  
  Redfern, A.S. [Sudan Archive]  
  Redheugh Estate, Co. Durham deeds [British Records Association Deeds]  
  F. Rehfisch [Sudan Archive]  
  E.T. Richmond Papers
  Richmond, J. [Sudan Archive]  
  Riley, A.B.H. and Mrs. G. [Sudan Archive]  
  Rivington School Papers
  Robbie, J. [Sudan Archive]  
  Roberts, R.C. [Sudan Archive]  
  Robertson, J.W. [Sudan Archive]  
  Robeson, A.B. [Sudan Archive]  
  Robinson, A.E. [Sudan Archive]  
  Robinson, R. [Sudan Archive]  
  Romans Collection
  H. A. Romilly [Sudan Archive]  
  Roper, H.L. [Sudan Archive]  
  Routh Collection
  Routh Manuscripts [Routh Collection]  
  Dame Enid Russell-Smith
  M. and M. Russell [Sudan Archive]  
  C. F. Ryder [Sudan Archive]  
  Salvin Papers
  Sandars, G.E.R. [Sudan Archive]  
  Sanderson, G.N. [Sudan Archive]  
  Sanderson, L.P. [Sudan Archive]  
  Sandison, P.J. [Sudan Archive]  
  Sarsfield-Hall, E.G. [Sudan Archive]  
  Savile, R.V. [Sudan Archive]  
  Scott-Hill, W. [Sudan Archive]  
  Scott, G.C. [Sudan Archive]  
  William Bell Scott Letters [Additional Manuscripts]  
  Sembiante, F.M. [Sudan Archive]  
  Semevsky, J. [Sudan Archive]  
  Sergeant Papers
  Shafto (Beamish) Papers
  Sharland, L.W.C. [Sudan Archive]  
  Shaw, J.R. [Sudan Archive]  
  A. W. Shepherd [Sudan Archive]  
  Shipperdson Papers
  Shuqair, S. [Sudan Archive]  
  J. A. Simons [Sudan Archive]  
  Simpson, S.R. [Sudan Archive]  
  Slatin, R. von [Sudan Archive]  
  Small Gifts and Deposits
  Smith, C.H. [Sudan Archive]  
  Smith, E.J. & E.A. [Sudan Archive]  
  Smith, J. [Sudan Archive]  
  Smith, L.K. [Sudan Archive]  
  Smith, R.J. [Sudan Archive]  
  Smith, Roddam Papers
  Samuel Smith papers [Additional Manuscripts]  
  Smiths-Gore deposit
  Dame Ethel Smyth Papers
  Souper, J.L. [Sudan Archive]  
  South Durham Deeds
  Spence, B.H.H. [Sudan Archive]  
  Spennymoor Settlement Papers
  St Chad's Library Deposit [St Chad's College Deposit]  
  Stainer Archive
  Stanhope Lead Mines Deeds [British Records Association Deeds]  
  F. Stansfield [Sudan Archive]  
  Stanton, G.M. [Sudan Archive]  
  Staveley, C.M. [Sudan Archive]  
  W. Sterry [Sudan Archive]  
  Stevens, H.L. [Sudan Archive]  
  Anne Stevenson Poetry Library
  Stevenson, R.C. [Sudan Archive]  
  Stewart, J.D.H. [Sudan Archive]  
  Storrar, G.R. [Sudan Archive]  
  StruvĂ©, K.C.P. [Sudan Archive]  
  Sudan Archive
  Sudan Plantations Syndicate [Sudan Archive]  
  Summerfield, R.M. [Sudan Archive]  
  Sunderland Friends Library Manuscripts [Sunderland Society of Friends Library]  
  Sunderland Society of Friends Library
  Sunderland, F.H. [Sudan Archive]  
  Surtees Raine Manuscripts
  Surtees Society
  Syme, N.R. [Sudan Archive]  
  Taylor Deeds
  Taylor, E.A.P. [Sudan Archive]  
  Thomas, G.F. [Sudan Archive]  
  Thomson, C.H. [Sudan Archive]  
  Thomson, D.S.B. [Sudan Archive]  
  Charles Thorp Correspondence
  G. M. G. and A. Tibbs [Sudan Archive]  
  Titherington, G.W. [Sudan Archive]  
  Nora Tomlinson Ford Madox Ford Collection
  Topographical Prints
  Tothill, J.D. [Sudan Archive]  
  Tottenham, P.M. [Sudan Archive]  
  Towers Deeds
  Tracey, C.B. [Sudan Archive]  
  Trimdon Deeds
  Tunstall-Behrens Papers
  Turner, A.S. [Sudan Archive]  
  Turton Papers
  Udal, J.O. [Sudan Archive]  
  Udal, N.R. [Sudan Archive]  
  Unity High School (Khartoum) [Sudan Archive]  
  Ure, N.H. [Sudan Archive]  
  Ushaw Master Microfilms of MSS
  Van Mildert Papers
  Vicars-Miles, A.L.W. [Sudan Archive]  
  Vidal-Hall, M.P. [Sudan Archive]  
  Vidler, D. [Sudan Archive]  
  Vokes, V.H.G. [Sudan Archive]  
  Voulich, B. [Sudan Archive]  
  W.T. Jones Durham Lantern Slides
  Wakefield, R.C. [Sudan Archive]  
  Eric Watkins Papers
  Watkinson Cuttings
  Watson, J.R.S. [Sudan Archive]  
  Weardale Chest Papers
  Wedd, R. [Sudan Archive]  
  Wells, P.T.M. [Sudan Archive]  
  Wesson, A.D. [Sudan Archive]  
  Wharton Papers
  Wheatley, M.J. [Sudan Archive]  
  Whitehead Collection
  Charles Whitley Correspondence [Additional Manuscripts]  
  C. R. Williams [Sudan Archive]  
  C. W. Williams [Sudan Archive]  
  Williams, I.R. [Sudan Archive]  
  Williams, W.M. [Sudan Archive]  
  Willis, C.A. [Sudan Archive]  
  Peter Willis Papers
  Wilson collection
  Winder, J. [Sudan Archive]  
  Windyside Deeds (Add.MS. 1719) [Additional Manuscripts]  
  Wingate, General Sir Reginald [Sudan Archive]  
  Wingate, R.E.L. [Sudan Archive]  
  Winterbottom Collection
  Wiper Photographs
  Wolfe, J.M.B. [Sudan Archive]  
  Wolff, M.E. and G.L. [Sudan Archive]  
  Wollen, W.R.G. [Sudan Archive]  
  Wood Plans and Drawings [Durham Diocesan architects]
  Wood, E. [Sudan Archive]  
  G. C. Wood [Sudan Archive]  
  Wood, G.K. [Sudan Archive]  
  K. M. E. Wood [Sudan Archive]  
  Wood, W. [Sudan Archive]  
  Woodman, H.M. [Sudan Archive]  
  Wright Darley Collection
  Thomas Wright Manuscripts
  Thomas Wrightiana
  Wyld, J.W.G. [Sudan Archive]  
  Wylde Papers