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Durham University

Special Collections

Using Discover to find printed Special Collections - Whitehead Collection example

Search the printed books in the Whitehead Collection

The printed books in the Whitehead Collection are most easily identified by their shelfmark prefix - Whitehead - so it is possible to use the advanced search feature of Discover to start from a list of just this material and then search specifically within it. This requires the advanced search interface and a search for record number contains Whitehead. This initial starting point can be supplied as a url, so this link takes you to the result of that first search (about 3,500 results).

To search within the books, you can either add more searches using the boxes above the search results or by selecting from the facets offered down the left hand side. It is often easiest to use the boxes, so use the second box, below the one that has selected our initial results by "Record Number contains Whitehead". Clicking on the down arrow next to "any" has revealed a choice of search areas - you can select "author" or "title" if you wish, or leave it at "any". Each term you enter should reduce the number of results - so adding a search for "any contains deer" reduces the 3,500 results to 900, but a search for "author/creator is(exact) British Deer Society" reduces it to 59 results.

It is alos possible to click on the values given down the left-hand side to narrow your search, but in many cases these do not coincide with your search criteria. If you do not see the search option you require it can be worth clicking on the "more options" arrow at the bottom of the relevant section.

Once you have the result list you can view individual items by clicking on the title (first line of the result section, usually in purple).