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Copyright Licensing

Ordnance Survey (OS) Map License

Durham University has an OS Educational Copyright Licence which permits the photocopying of OS maps for educational, research or teaching purposes or any activities connected with education, research or teaching (but for no other purposes).

All copies thus created should acknowledge the OS and the fact that the source is Crown Copyright

For other purposes you are restricted to a ‘fair dealing’ limit of up to four photocopies of a single extract of A4 size from one map at scale (ie not enlarged). Such purposes would for example include non-commercial research or non-commercial private study. Copying any more than that amount or for 'recreational use' would be an infringement of copyright.

In circumstances when the person who requires the copy cannot make the copy for themselves, then a member of the Library staff can copy similarly limited amounts on their behalf for purposes of non-commercial research and private study.

The licence does NOT cover digitising and scanning of any OS map for which separate permission needs to be sought.

Digital mapping data supplied by OS can be obtained through the Digimap service; for details see:

For general information about the Ordnance Survey and OS maps, see: