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Department of History

Staff Profile

Prof Robin Frame

Professor Emeritus (Late Medieval History) in the Department of History

(email at

Robin Frame has published widely on the history of Ireland, and of the British Isles generally, in the later medieval period. His present work concentrates on government and society in English Ireland in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

Research Groups


Authored book

  • 2012 Colonial Ireland, 1169-1369, 2nd edition, Dublin: Four Courts.
  • 1998 Ireland and Britain 1170-1450, London: Hambledon.
  • 1990 The Political Development of the British Isles, 1100-1400, Oxford: OUP.
  • 1982 English Lordship in Ireland, 1318-1361, Oxford: OUP.

Chapter in book

  • 2013 '‘A register of lost deeds concerning the earldom of Ulster, c.1230–1376’', in Duffy, Seán (ed.), Princes, Prelates and Poets: Essays in Honour of Katharine Simms, Dublin: Four Courts, pp. 85–106
  • 2013 '‘Ireland after 1169: barriers to acculturation on an “English” edge’', in Stringer, K.J. & Jotischky, Andrew (eds.), Norman Expansion: Contrasts, Connections and Continuities, Farnham: Ashgate, pp. 115-41
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Journal Article

  • 2013 '‘Rediscovering medieval Ireland: Irish chancery rolls and the historian’', Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 113, pp. 193–217
  • 2002 '‘English political culture in later medieval Ireland’', The History Review 13, pp. 1–11
  • 1996 ''Thomas Rokeby, Sheriff of Yorkshire, Justiciar of Ireland'', Peritia 10 pp. 274-296
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