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History Publications

New articles and chapters

Dr Alex Brown has published a new article on 'Oaths of Fidelity: Loyalty and Officeholding in Late Medieval Durham' in History

Dr Amanda Herbert and Mark Walkden have just published a new article on 'Hearse Pies and Pastry Coffins: Material Cultures of Food, Preservation, and Death in the Early Modern British World' in Global Food History

Professor Philip Williamson and Dr Natalie Mears have a new article out: ‘James I and Gunpowder Treason Day’ in The Historical Journal.

Dr Henry Miller has an article in the same issue of The Historical Journal on women’s suffrage and petitioning.

Dr Coreen McGuire and co-authors published ‘The Color of Breath’ in Literature and Medicine and ‘”The body says it”: the difficulty of measuring and communicating sensations of breathlessness’, in Medical Humanities.

Dr Thomas Stammers has edited a special issue of 19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century on 'Women Collectors: Taste, Legacy and Cultural Philanthropy c.1850-1920'. He wrote the introduction ('Women Collectors and Cultural Philanthropy') and PhD student Lindsay Macnaughton wrote ‘Beyond the Bowes Museum'.

Dr Tom Hamilton has edited a special issue of French History on the French Wars of Religion, which includes his article ‘Adjudicating the troubles: violence, memory, and criminal justice at the end of the Wars of Religion.’