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Durham University

Department of History


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Dr Sare Aricanli Assistant Professor (Early Modern and Modern Chinese History)
Dr Alex Barber Assistant Professor (Early Modern British History)
Dr Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough Associate Professor (Medieval History and Literature)
Dr Catherine Bateson Part time tutor - US History
Dr Mark Bennett Part time tutor - Modern British History
Dr Adam Bronson Assistant Professor (Modern Japanese History)
Dr Alex Brown Assistant Professor (Late Medieval and Early Modern British History)
Dr James Callanan Teaching Fellow (Modern American History)
Dr John-Henry Clay Associate Professor (Early Medieval History)
Dr Chris Courtney Assistant Professor (Modern Chinese History)
Dr David Craig Associate Professor (Modern British History)
Dr Barbara Crosbie Assistant Professor (Early Modern Social History)
Professor Sarah Davies Head of Department / Professor (Modern Russian and European History)
Dr Ana de Oliveira Dias Part time tutor - Medieval History
Dr Finola Finn Part time tutor - Medieval and Early Modern History
Dr Helen Foxhall Forbes Associate Professor (Early Medieval History)
Professor Richard Gameson Professor (History of the Book)
Professor Giles Gasper Professor (High Medieval History)
Dr Adrian Green Director of Postgraduate Studies (Research) / Associate Professor (Early Modern British and American History)
Dr Lara Green Teaching Fellow - Russian History
Dr Tom Hamilton Assistant Professor (Early Modern European History)
Dr Anne Heffernan Assistant Professor (Southern African History)
Dr Richard Huzzey Associate Professor (Reader) (Modern British History)
Dr Matthew Johnson Associate Professor (Modern British History)
Dr Rachel Johnson Assistant Professor (Modern African History)
Professor Ludmilla Jordanova Professor (Visual Culture)
Dr James Koranyi Assistant Professor (Modern European Cultural History)
Dr John Lee
Dr Cherry Leonardi Associate Professor (Modern African History)
Professor Christian Liddy Deputy Head of Department (Director of Research) / Professor (Late Medieval History)
Dr David Lowther Part time tutor - Early Modern and Modern British History
Dr Jennifer Luff Chair of Examiners / Associate Professor (Modern American History)
Dr Julie Marfany Deputy Head of Department (Director of Studies) / Associate Professor (Early Modern and Modern Economic and Social History)
Dr Joseph D. Martin
Dr Natalie Mears Associate Professor (Reader) (Early Modern British History)
Dr David Minto Assistant Professor (Modern British History)
Dr Skye Montgomery Lecturer (Modern American History)
Dr Andrzej Olechnowicz Assistant Professor (Modern British History)
Dr Toby Osborne Associate Professor (Early Modern European History)
Dr Markian Prokopovych Assistant Professor (Modern European Cultural History)
Prof Susan Reid
Professor Nicole Reinhardt Director of Postgraduate Studies Taught / Professor (Early Modern European History)
Mr Jake Richards
Prof Christina Riggs
Dr Helen Roche Assistant Professor (Modern European Cultural History)
Dr Charlie Rozier Lecturer (Medieval History)
Professor Len Scales Professor (Late Medieval History)
Professor Kay Schiller Professor (Modern European History)
Professor Graeme Small Professor (Late Medieval History)
Dr Thomas Stammers Assistant Professor (Modern European Cultural History)
Prof Julie-marie Strange
Professor Stephen Taylor Professor (Early Modern British History)
Dr Gabriella Treglia Assistant Professor (Modern American History)
Dr Kevin Waite Assistant Professor (Modern American History)
Dr Jacob Wiebel Assistant Professor (Modern African History)
Professor Philip Williamson Professor (Modern British History)
Professor Justin Willis Professor (Modern African History)
Professor Andy Wood Professor (Early Modern Social History)
Ms Imogen Barton Departmental Manager
Ms Audrey Bowron Learning and Teaching Administrator
Mrs Helen Ferguson Learning and Teaching Manager (part-time)
Mrs Zoë Gardiner Senior Research Administrator
Ms Judith Jewitt Operations Administrator
Miss Hannah Martin Learning and Teaching Administrator
Ms Lydia Price Learning and Teaching Administrator
Dr James Kirby CoFund Junior Research Fellow (Modern History)
Julius Morche Co-Fund Junior Research Fellow
Dr Katie Palmer Heathman Research Associate (Modern British History)
Dr Sigbjørn Sønnesyn Postdoctoral Research Fellow (High Medieval History)
Dr Heidi Stoner Leverhulme Early Career Fellow (Early Medieval History)
Professor Paul Bailey Professor Emeritus (Modern Chinese History)
Dr Ruth Blakely Honorary Fellow
Dr John Brown Honorary Fellow
Dr Ellen Crabtree Honorary Fellow
Prof Robin Frame Professor Emeritus (Late Medieval History)
Dr Barbara Gribling Honorary Fellow (Modern British History)
Professor Howell John Harris Professor Emeritus (Modern American History)
Dr Margaret M. Harvey Honorary Fellow (Late Medieval History)
Prof. PDA Harvey Professor Emeritus (Medieval History)
Professor Ranald Michie Professor Emeritus (Financial History)
Dr Christine Newman Assistant VCH Editor
Professor Michael Prestwich Professor Emeritus (Medieval History)
Professor David Rollason Professor Emeritus (Early Medieval History)
Dr Lynda Rollason Honorary Fellow (Late Medieval History)
Dr Clare Stancliffe Honorary Reader in Ecclesiastical History
Dr Christine Woodhead Honorary Fellow (Ottoman History)
Mr. Daniel Adamson
Mr Christopher Allan Coal, Shipping & Empire: The Triumverate of British Power, 1850-1914
Ms Katharine Bader
Mr Matthew Sterling Benson Taxation and Political Authority in South Sudan
Miss Bethany Brewer
Ms Jacqueline Brooks
Mr Adrian Browne The politics of landscape and identity in Uganda’s Albertine borderlands since c.1864
Ngala Chome
Mr Chi Chuk
Miss Rachel Clamp
Kelly Marie Clarke The (re-)making of the North Sea world: politics, trade and long-distance interactions between Anglo-Saxon England and Merovingian Gaul in the 'long' seventh century
Mr. Samuel Collins
James Cronin Historical writing and research in the Benedictine monastic communities of late medieval England
Mr Harry Cross
Mr. Daniel Doherty
Mr. Christian Drury
Mr Razvan Dumitru ‘We lived with it, we were born with it and we have the tradition in our blood’: Local identities among Transylvanian Romanians between 1918 and 1948
Mr Gabriel Fidler
Mr Alastair Forbes Anglo-Norman Monastic Conceptualisations on the Place, Nature, and Fate of the milites, c. 1050 – 1150
Ms Kimberley Foy Dress and Diplomacy at the Early Stuart Court
Dr Sarah Gilbert Anglo-Saxon medical recipes in non-medical manuscripts: matters of culture, context and community
Mr. Jeremy Goldsmith
Mr. Andrew Green
Miss Yundi Guo
Barbara Hargreaves The hagiography of healthcare in twelfth-century English saints’ Lives
Miss Rachael Harkes
Dr Lydia Harris Vitam mortalem, mortem vitalem: Abortion and Contraception in the High Middle Ages, 950-1200
Mr Chih-hsin Huang
Ms Megan Johnston
Ms Anna Jones The 'People's War' in British film, 1939-1945
Ms Alexandra Jordan
Mr Thomas Kearns
Fergal Leonard Faction, Patronage, and Political Networks in the West March, 1569 – 1603
Miss Carrie Long ‘Yours humbly, sincerely, and obediently’? The Social Agency of Petitioning, c1789 -1860. (AHRC funded, Collaborative Doctoral Partnership project).
Mr Maksymilian Loth-hill
Mr Thomas Lowman Beyond Idi Amin: Causes and Drivers of Mass Violence in Uganda, 1971-79
Mr Matthew Lumley Greek and Latin Monasticism in Southern Italy during the Crusader Era
Miss Lindsay Macnaughton
Ms Katharine Marlow The Formation of Ethnic Identity in Anglo-Saxon England (700-1066) and Medieval Iceland (900-1264)
Miss Sarah Marriott Development Narratives in South Sudan since 1945
Ms Emily Marsden First World War photographs in the collections of the National Media Museum, Bradford
Mr. Newby Mccabe
Mrs Sarah McCook
Mr Marcus Meer
Miss Antonia Miejluk Snapshot Photography in the Interwar Soviet Union
Dr Joseph Mulhern
Mr Callum Murrell Theories of Politics and the Politics of Theory: Aspects of Power and Discourse in Early Modern England
Mr Mathew Norman Drawing friendship in the Romantic period: The portraits of John Bacon the Younger (1777-1859) and his contemporaries
Miss Antonia Perna Experiencing Childhood in Revolutionary France, 1789-99
Kirstyn Raitz Urban Prostitution in London and Paris, 1650-1800
Dr Kathleen Reynolds Sickness in Correspondence: gentry letter writing and the subject of health in eighteenth century Yorkshire and the North-East
Miss Natasha Shoory
Miss Caroline Smith
Rhiannon Snaith
Dr Abigail Steed The ideology of vengeance: theology, literature and practice in England c.900-1150
Grace Stephenson British Newsreels at War, 1939-1945
Miss Ciara Stewart
Mr James Taffe The queen’s household in England, 1527-1547
Miss Avril Taylor
Ms Marina Tymviou Early Modern European Queenship
Mr Adam Whybrow The visitor experience: tourism and architecture in England during the long eighteenth century
Mr Ryan Wicklund Agriculture Management and Market Responsiveness in Medieval County Durham

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