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College of St Hild and St Bede


Alumnus (pl. alumni, fem. alumna) noun; a former student. From 'alere', to nourish.

Whether you have only just graduated, or haven't seen Durham for years, you will always be part of the College of St Hild and St Bede. Despite the distance, you remain an integral part of our College community and we welcome former students to get back in touch with us.

How can I remain involved with College?

  • Volunteer as a Hild Bede Career Mentor
  • Engage with our social media platforms (below)
  • Update your contact details to receive invitations to reunions

Alumni Association Elections 2017 - Call for Nominations

In accordance with the procedures agreed at the AGMs in 2014 and 2015, we are pleased to issue the present Call for Nominations to the following posts:

  • Secretary
  • Two members of the Executive Committee

Members of the Committee shall normally be elected for a term of 3 years.

Committee meetings are held in College three times per year. Attendance at a minimum of two out of the three meetings is expected (which can be via Skype), and officers (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) are also required to attend the Association AGM, which currently takes place during the Alumni College Weekend in September.

Those members of the Association wishing to stand for election should contact Mrs Anthea Carter, Acting Alumni Association Secretary, c/o College of St Hild and St Bede, Durham, DH1 1SZ by 12 noon on 2 September 2017 indicating the post for which they wish to stand and supplying a short electoral statement (c. 250 words) together with the names and email addresses or phone numbers of two nominators.

Hild Bede Association Annual General Meeting

September 16, 2017 in College at 12.15 pm


1. Apologies for absence

2. AGM 2016 Minutes

a) Matters Arising

3. EGM May 2017 Minutes

a) Matters Arising

4. Chairperson’s Report

5. President’s Report

6. Student Representative President’s Address

7. Secretary’s Report

a) Ratification of new Honorary Vice President

b) Executive Committee Elections Update

c) Revisions to Constitution

(Document to be circulated)

8. Treasurer’s Report

a) Accounts

b) Premier Membership

c) 2017 Costs for Printing and Postage

9. Magazine/Publication Discussion

10. Any Other Business


Alumni Association EGM

We were delighted that so many members could come to our Extraordinary General Meeting on 11 May, easily surpassing the required quorum. We are also grateful to the large number of members who could not attend, but who chose to use their proxy votes. In a series of votes, members approved all the proposals submitted by the Committee.

The agreed proposals are as follows:

  • That new students will pay £30 when they come to Hild Bede. This will entitle them to lifetime Premier Membership, and they will be eligible for discounted prices for Association events. In accordance with University regulations, students will be able to opt of membership of the Association should they so wish.
  • That Premier Membership will be offered to all existing members, on payment of a one-off charge of £15. Anyone who does not wish to do this will still be a member of the Association, but will have to pay full price for events.
  • That members who wish to receive a printed copy of the Association Magazine (rather than an electronic version) will pay an additional annual charge. This charge will be set at £5 for the coming year, so there will be no immediate change for existing members. The amount will be reviewed in subsequent years depending on the cost of producing the hard copy of the magazine.

These changes will come into effect immediately, and so will apply to new students starting this October. They will safeguard the Association's finances for the foreseeable future, allowing us to fund the magazine, make donations for the benefit of current and future students, and also have an operating fund to cover our running expenses.


Keep in Touch

Please contact our Alumni Development team: or 0191 334 8531. We will be happy to help you with any alumni related queries.

You can also check out Dunelm - the Durham University Alumni Community online.
Here, you can gain free access to JSTOR (online journals service), book yourself up for an alumni event, and also set up a dunelm email forwarding address for life.

Upcoming Alumni Events
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Events for December 2017

“"The Team (also) commends the excellent alumni engagement that is no doubt due to the quality of the experience and support provided to students during their time in the College".”

Published conclusion of the University Review Team following their review of College.


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