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Student Representative Council

Hild Bede is unique in that our students are not represented by a JCR but the SRC (Student Representative Council). This elected body represents and serves both under- and post-graduate students of the College. It is a strong, energetic, committed and brilliant body that contributes to College life each and every day through the very many events and ‘ents’ that it runs, the welfare support that is provides, the representation and voice it offers in running our College and also into the wider University. It is the SRC Exec that makes Open Days possible, organises and runs Freshers’ week and our formals and balls and also College Day. It supports Team HildBede as well as the clubs and societies across music, drama, and liberation issues. It is the at the heart of College and will be at the centre of your experience of Hild Bede.  

Hild Bede is a big CollegeThe whole College community comprises around 1330 students. We have members from all walks of life and backgrounds: those new to University, from outside the UK, from a wide range of cultures and ethnicities, genders and sexualities. We strive to be an open and inclusive environment where we work hard to challenge inequalities and inequities, take on discrimination and exclusionary practice and be a champion for and celebrate the diversity of our communities and groups. 

A large group of students wearing evening dress and dancing as a group


A small group of students sighed up facing the camera showing award certificates they have received


Two students on a stage dressed in black tie playing guitars


A group of six students sitting on a grass hill in the sunshine


A group of 7 students in evening dress in a line at a round table with their hands next to their ears like antlers