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Council for At Risk Academics

Durham has been a CARA partners since WW2, when CARA was then known as the Society for the Protection of Science and Learning. We continue to host fellows and their families today and have a tailored programme in place to ensure the transition to life in Durham is as smooth as possible.

In partnership with CARA we offer up to 6 x two year academic fellowships for At- Risk academics in need of a safe space to live and work. Our CARA fellows undertake two year research projects alongside an Durham academic mentor. Fellows are hosted within an academic department and linked to a Durham College.

Fellows are supported to travel to the UK, to find accommodation within the city, to find and register with local schools (for those with dependent children), and to register with a GP. Durham - CARA Fellowships include a monthly stipend for living expenses for the duration of the two year placement.

Fellowship placements are open to all nationalities and all Departments and Schools .

Applications are made through CARA here.


If you have any question please email - .