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Modules at other TEIs 

Students registered at one TEI may study modules up to the value of no more than 60 credits (or no more than 50% of any given year of study) from another TEI, provided that this option is approved as part of a TEI’s programme regulations and both TEIs are in agreement of the arrangement. See the Common Awards Core Regulations for more information, and our page on Curriculum Development for how to request approval for this.

Procedure for considering module marks from another TEI: 

The Common Awards Core Regulations permit students at one TEI (the ‘home’ TEI) to take modules from another (the ‘receiving’ TEI). In all cases, the TEI who delivers the teaching on modules will be responsible for the marking and moderation of assessments contributing to that module(s). Its Board of Examiners will be responsible for receiving and confirming the marks for any and all modules under its jurisdiction. 

In instances where the receiving TEIs Board of Examiners takes place before the home TEIs Board of Examiners, the receiving TEI will be responsible for securely communicating to the home TEI the confirmed module mark(s). The home TEI will then be responsible for considering and determining the progression of the student in light of the full complement of confirmed module marks and sharing the confirmed marks with Durham.  

In practice, however, there will be instances where the receiving TEIs Board of Examiners takes place after the home TEIs Board of Examiners. In such an instance - without the full complement of module marks - it will not be possible for the home TEI to determine the progression, or confirm a recommendation for award, for any student whhas taken modules at another TEI. 

In such circumstances, the home TEI should consider module marks and progression for students as normal. Where module marks are yet to be received – as the receiving TEI has not met as a Board of Examiners – it should be noted, and the Board of Examiners asked to agree that Chair’s Action can be taken to confirm progression, or a recommendation for award, when the marks are available.[1] 

The receiving TEI will be responsible for securely communicating to the home TEI the confirmed module mark(s), as soon as they are available following their Board of ExaminersIf previously agreed, the Chair of the home TEI’s Board of Examiners can then take Chair’s Action to confirm progression, or the recommendation of an award to the Durham Overarching Board of Examiners. The home TEI will then be responsible for sharing the full complement of confirmed module marks to Durham.   

The Moodle Marks Processing System guide, available on the Common Awards Hub, includes detailed instructions on how TEIs can share module marks data securely with one another. TEIs are required to submit confirmed module marks to Durham within 48 hours of the meeting of the Board of Examiners. TEIs are advised not to delay sending this informing to Durham if module marks are outstanding as a result of this process. See our guidance on submitting module marks for more information. 

TEIs are asked to provide the dates of scheduled TEI Boards of Examiners in order to help facilitate this process for TEIs. See our Common Awards Calendar for the deadline.

[1] In exceptional circumstances (for example, if many student marks are missing, or progression decisions are complicated by SACs), a Board of Examiners could agree to consider outstanding progression decisions by circulation and consultation (or even a further meeting), rather than by Chair’s Action. A Board may similarly agree to take Chair’s Action subject to consultation with the External Examiner or University Liaison Officer.