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Pricing Information

We are pleased to be able to offer some of the most competitive rates in the UK. Have a look at our prices below, and compare!

DNA Sequencing

Single Reaction


Large Template Sequencing

£5 per reaction

Should you wish to prepare your own sequencing reactions, even greater savings can be made. We are able to run single tubes, full or half 96-well plates:

Single Ready-to-Load Reaction


Full 96-well plate of Ready-to-Load Reactions

£50 per plate

Half 96-well plate of Ready-to-Load Reactions

£30 per plate

Fragment Analysis

Fragment Analysis is charged per full or half plate, and is inclusive of the cost of the size standard supplied by us.

Full 96-well plate

£96 per plate

Half 96-well plate

£48 per plate

Pre-Paid Customer Accounts

Prep-paid accounts eliminate the need to generate a PO number every time you sequence, additionally you may wish to bank some money to use at a later date. Simply send a PO number for the amount you wish to spend, charges are £3 per reaction. Once you have set up your account you can send your samples as and when they are ready, and can even authorise others to use the account. Prepaid accounts will remain open for twelve calendar months from date of purchase.

Benefits of pre-paid customer accounts:

  • Ease of ordering - avoid having to raise new order numbers for every batch of samples sent
  • Flexibility - you may authorise as many people as you wish to use your account
  • Budgeting - pay in advance for ease of budget management



If you require any information about NGS pricing, or wish to discuss your project, please contact the DBS Genomics team


Terms and Conditions of Service

All quoted prices are exclusive of VAT.

By submitting your samples to DBS Genomics, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.