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Facilities and Equipment

We have outstanding research infrastructure and equipment in genomics, bioimaging and mass spectrometry, and plant and animal growth facilities. The equipment is available for use by staff and students; many instruments are also available for use by researchers from outside the university.

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Services and Collaboration

Our research covers the breadth of the biological sciences, and we often work at the interface with other disciplines such as the physical sciences.

The Department of Biosciences offers professional services to both university members and external customers. All services are open to both external academic and commercial users, and we also offer various charge routes. Contact us to find out more about the services provided.
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Live Cell Imaging


At Durham, we provide an outstanding environment for research and education in animal, plant and bacterial biology encompassing expertise from the atomic to whole ecosystem scale. Trained by Durham Biosciences in the skills and knowledge required, our students are able to succeed in a wide range of careers or training environments and help society tackle the challenges for the future.

Professor Martin Cann
Head of Department