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Research Groups

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Animal Cells and Systems

Group Coordinator: Dr Patricia Muller

Biomolecular Interactions

Group Coordinator: Dr Gary Sharples

Ecology, Evolution and Environment

Group Coordinator: Professor Bob Baxter

Molecular Plant Sciences

Group Coordinator: Professor Keith Lindsey

The vision for biosciences research at Durham is to focus on fundamental and cross-disciplinary science underpinning global challenges. The cohesive and distinctive theme across our research portfolio is that of 'sustainability'. Our environment promotes cross-disciplinary working via Durham's Research Institutes and Centres and co-location of some staff with Chemistry, and underpins economic and social impact in ecosystems management, biotechnology, agritechnology and health.

The departments research is organised into four groupings, Animal Cells and Systems, Ecology, Evolution and Environment, Biomolecular Interactions and Molecular Plant Sciences to promote staff interactions. To promote cross-disciplinary research, the Department engages with discussion groups, research centres, institutes, networks and initiatives.


Biosciences Research Brochure