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Durham Biosciences work in collaboration with Newcastle and Liverpool on a Doctoral Training Partnership funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council.

Please see below our current projects which are available for October 2023 entry. For information on how to apply, please visit the NLD DTP website.

The deadline for applications is Monday 9th January 2023 at 12 noon.

A machine learning approach to identify carbon dioxide-binding proteins for sustainability and health

Supervisor: Prof Martin Cann

How do plants regulate root development in response to soil stresses? Role of VAMP family proteins and their interactors in signalling

Supervisor: Prof Keith Lindsey

The relevance of dopamine homeostasis for brain health and cognitive abilities in Drosophila

Supervisor: Dr Vincent Croset

Stress and aging in the Nuclear Pore Complex and associated cytoskeleton: a 3D super-resolution light and electron microscopy study

Supervisor: Prof Martin Goldberg

Dissecting how phages modulate bacterial immunity – structural basis of dNTPase inhibition by T7-like phages

Supervisor: Dr Liz Morris

A comparative biology approach to understanding differences in monocot and dicot stem architecture

Supervisor: Dr Peter Etchells

How do cell identity factors contribute to cytokinesis?

Supervisor: Dr Tim Davies

Investigating the genetic basis of natural variation in eye morphology and the impact on vision

Supervisor: Prof Alistair McGregor

A balancing act: how hosts control metal availability to their microbiota

Supervisor: Dr Karrera Djoko

Signalling dynamics in intestinal stem cell homeostasis and ageing

Supervisor: Dr David Doupe

New enzymes for biotechnology via metagenome mining

Supervisor: Prof Ehmke Pohl

Manipulating cytosolic metal buffering to enhance bacterially mediated IB processes

Supervisor: Dr Peter Chivers