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Journal Articles 

Chakraborti, Rajdeep; Dahiya, Sandeep; Ge, Lei; Gete, Pedro. A model of managerial compensation, firm leverage and credit stimulus. Journal of Financial Stability (2024)

Di, Lulu; Jiang, Wei; Mao, Ju; Zeng, Yeqin. Managing liquidity along the supply chain: Supplier-base concentration and corporate cash policy. European Financial Management (2024)

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Huang, Yuxuan; Zhu, Qi; Yan, Cheng; Zeng, Yeqin. Your gender identity is who you are: Female CEOs and corporate debt structure. International Journal of Finance and Economics (2023)

Jatmiko, Wahyu; Ebrahim, Muhammed-Shahid; Smaoui, Houcem. Sukūk Development and Income Inequality. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money (2023)

Chowdhury, Md Shahedur R.; Damianov, Damian S. Uncertainty and Bubbles in Cryptocurrencies: Evidence from Newly Developed Uncertainty Indices. International Review of Financial Analysis (2023)

Rancan, Michela; Cariboni, Jessica; Keasey, Kevin; Vallascas, Francesco. Bond Issuance and the Funding Choices of European Banks: The Consequences of Public Debt. Journal of Empirical Finance (2023)

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Buckner, Dean; Dowd, Kevin; Hulley, Hardy. A market consistent approach to the valuation of no-negative equity guarantees and equity release mortgages. Journal of Demographic Economics (2023)

Yin, Chao; Sun, Wenyi; Zeng, Yeqin. Precautionary motive or private benefit motive for holding cash: Evidence from CEO ownership. International Review of Financial Analysis (2023)

Guo, Haifeng; Hung, Chi‐Hsiou D.; Kontonikas, Alexandros; Zeng, Yeqin. Flight to Lottery Ahead of FOMC Announcements: Institutional Investors or Retail Investors? British Journal of Management (2023)

Shi, Xiaomeng; Nguyen, Duc Duy (Louis); Wang, Mingzhu. Earnings Expectations and the Quality of Financial Services. Journal of Accounting and Public Policy (2023)

Allen, Franklin; Gu, Xian; Li, C. Wei; Qian, Jun "QJ"; Qian, Yiming. Implicit guarantees and the rise of shadow banking: The case of trust products. Journal of Financial Economics (2023)

Brogaard, Jonathan; Le, Nhan; Nguyen, Duc Duy; Sila, Vathunyoo. Does Shareholder Litigation Risk Cause Public Firms to Delist? Evidence from Securities Class Action Lawsuits. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (2023)

Chen, Jie; Jing, Chenxing; Keasey, Kevin; Lim, Ivan; Xu, Bin. Gender, workplace preferences and firm performance: Looking through the glass door. European Financial Management (2023)

Jing, Chenxing; Keasey, Kevin; Lim, Ivan; Xu, Bin. Analyst Coverage and Corporate Environmental Policies. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (2023)

Jatmiko, Wahyu; Iqbal, Abdullah; Ebrahim, Muhammed Shahid. On the Ethicality of Islamic Banking’s Business Model. British Journal of Management (2023)

Chowdhury, Md Shahedur R.; Damianov, Damian S.; Escobari, Diego. Price Exuberance and Contagion across Housing Markets: Evidence from US Metropolitan Areas. Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics (2023)

Fich, Eliezer M.; Nguyen, Tung; Petmezas, Dimitris. The Effects of Terrorist Attacks on Inventor Productivity and Mobility. Research Policy (2023)

Galariotis, Emilios; Louca, Christodoulos; Petmezas, Dimitris; Wang, Shuhui. Agency Costs of Debt and Inside Debt: The Role of CEO Overconfidence. British Journal of Management (2023)

Jatmiko, Wahyu; Ebrahim, M. Shahid; Iqbal, Abdullah; Wojakowski, Rafal M. Can Trade Credit Rejuvenate Islamic Banking? Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting (2023)

Banerjee, Anurag; Basu, Parantap; Keller, Elisa. Cross-country Disparities in Skill Premium and Skill Acquisition. Economic Inquiry (2023)

Hagendorff, J.; Lim, S.; Nguyen, D.D. Lender Trust and Bank Loan Contracts. Management Science (2023)

Hagendorff, J.; Nguyen, D.D.; Sila, V. Does Marriage Equality Promote Credit Access? Evidence from Same-sex Marriage Laws. Journal of Corporate Finance (2022)

Onal, Bunyamin; Petmezas, Dimitris; Xiong, Nan. Societal Equality Sentiment and Executive Compensation. Journal of Corporate Finance (2022)

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Lim, I; Nguyen, DD; Nguyen, HL. Regulatory Spillovers in Local Mortgage Markets. The Review of Corporate Finance Studies (2022)

Nguyen, Tung; Petmezas, Dimitris; Karampatsas, Nikolaos. Does Terrorism Affect Acquisitions? Management Science (2023)

Ambrocio, Gene; Gu, Xian; Hasan, Iftekhar. Political ties and raising capital in global markets: Evidence from Yankee bonds. Journal of Corporate Finance (2022)

Cairns, Andrew J.G.; Blake, David; Dowd, Kevin; Coughlan, Guy D.; Jones, Owen; Rowney, Jeffrey. A General Framework for Analysing the Mortality Experience of a Large Portfolio of Lives: With an Application to the UK Universities Superannuation Scheme. European Actuarial Journal (2022)

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Chakraborti, Rajdeep; Dahiya, Sandeep; Ge, Lei; Gete, Pedro. Credit Stimulus, Executive Compensation, and Firm Leverage: Theory and Evidence. Management Science (2021)