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Our People

Three men and one woman gathered around a table


Dennis Philip
Professor in Finance 

Deputy Directors

Xian Gu
Associate Professor in Finance

Anamaria Nicolae
Associate Professor in Economics

Academic Staff

Panayiotis Andreou
Adjunct Professor

Anurag Narayan Banerjee
Associate Professor (Reader) in Financial Econometrics

Rajdeep Chakraborti
Assistant Professor in Finance

Damian Damianov
Associate Professor (Reader) in Economics and Finance 

Kevin Dowd
Professor of Finance and Economics

Muhammed-Shahid Ebrahim
Professor of Finance

Xian Gu
Associate Professor in Finance 

Zhiwei Hao
Assistant Professor in Finance

Ivan Lim
Assistant Professor in Finance

Federico Lupo-Pasini
Associate Professor in Corporate and Commercial Law;
 Director, Durham Institute of Corporate and Commercial Law

Clara Martins Pereira
Assistant Professor in Law 

Duc Duy (Louis) Nguyen
Professor in Finance

Michael Nower
Assistant Professor in Economics

Nikos Paltalidis
Associate Professor in Finance

Dimitris Petmezas 
Professor of Finance

Rebecca Stratling
Associate Professor in Economics/Finance Associate Dean (Accreditations & Quality Assurance)

Francesco Vallascas
Professor in Finance

Yeqin Zeng
Associate Professor in Finance 

Professor in Practice

Victoria Saporta
Executive Director, Prudential Policy

Advisory Board Members 

Wilfred K. Anim-Odame
National Development Planning Commission, Ghana 

Franco Fiordellisi
University of Rome III and President of Financial Intermediation Network of European Studies (FINEST)

Peter Hughes
Expert in Risk Accounting, Former Banker (JPMorgan Chase) and CBID Visiting Fellow

Stephen Millard
National Institute of Economic and Social Research and Visiting Professor at Durham Business School