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Northumbria in Bloom 2017 - Gold for the Botanic Garden

Tourist and Visitor Attraction, and Country Estates.

Judges' comments included, "The Botanic Garden is stunning and ticks every box .... This beautiful environment encompasses education, biodiversity, natural heritage, industrial heritage, botanical experimentation - and sheer enjoyment."

Northumbria in Bloom 2016 - Gold for the Botanic Garden

Tourist and Visitor Attractions, and Country Estates

Northumbria in Bloom 2015 - Gold for the Botanic Garden

Another win for the Botanic Garden in the Tourist & Visitor Attractions and Country Estates category.

Northumbria in Bloom 2014 - Two Golds for the Botanic Garden together with Durham City

Each year, communities take part in competitions such as Beautiful Durham, Northumbria in Bloom and Britain in Bloom. These campaigns focus on community engagement, improving the environment and rewarding horticultural excellence.

This year the Botanic Garden entered the competition together with Durham City, which secured gold in the large town category and overall category winner for 2014.

Gold was also achieved for the Garden in the Grounds of Hospitals, Universities and other Public Buildings category together with the University of Durham.

Try our new activity: "How to grow your own miniature moss garden"

You will need a shallow container or a plastic tub, pebbles and some soil, spray bottle/water, moss covered stones or bark, a small digging tool, e.g. a teaspoon. Now you need some moss! You can find moss in cool, damp and shady places around the garden or in your local woods.

- Spread a thin layer of pebbles in your container.

- Add a little bit of soil to cover the pebbles and firm it gently with your fingers.

- Fill the spray bottle with water and spray until the soil is damp.

- Put the moss covered stones and bark on top of the soil. The moss should be facing upwards when you put it in.

- Arrange the moss that you dug up from the ground to cover the rest of the soil.

- The moss garden is now ready to be put outside.

Put in a shaded damp part of the garden, and use the spray bottle to mist every other day so it stays damp. Water about twice a week.

When you are finished with your moss garden, please re-plant the moss where you first found it.

Now you are a moss expert, you will always notice this little plant everywhere you go .....

Miniature Moss Garden