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Tropical Bugs & Insects

Child holds the tarantula

The glasshouse contains several large tanks, housing habitats for the Botanic Garden’s collection of tropical insects and bugs. Seeing these creatures up-close is a highlight of many people’s tour of the Garden, especially children!

Our family of insects, arachnids and other creepy-crawlies stretches from around the world, with tropical beetles and millipedes accompanying scorpions from the dry heat of the desert. The collection’s centrepiece is our tarantulas, huge spiders that scare and fascinate in equal measure.

During specially organised events, our gardeners bring out the insects for closer inspection by the public. Children may even have to opportunity to handle the creatures (don’t worry, they’re not dangerous)!

Download a Garden Map

Visitors’ map of the Botanic Garden, including accessible routes.

Download a Suggested Route

Follow this self-guided tour that takes in the entire Garden.

Download the Quiz Trail

Our most popular activity, the Quiz Trail sign-posted offers questions suitable for children as they tour the garden.

Download the Science Trail

A guide to the sign-posted Science Trail, providing detailed information on the flora and fauna that inhabit the Garden.

Download the Crossword and Word Search

Our second children’s activity aims to make science in the Garden more accessible to children, with the answers to these activity sheets being found along the Science Trail.

Download the Nature Trail

Suitable for young children, this activity teaches about the wildlife in the garden, allowing kids to colour in pictures of animals as they find them hidden in their natural habitats around the garden.