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Durham University

Art Collection


What does ‘Heroism’ mean?

A formal definition of heroism is:

1: heroic conduct especially as exhibited in fulfilling a high purpose or attaining a noble end

2: the qualities of a hero

The Art Prize theme can be interpreted however you would like to interpret it. Feel free to create an artwork based on your own unique personal experiences, expectations, or opinions. You can get inspiration from our ‘heroism’ scrapbook here!

Do you have to be an artist to apply?

No! We are encouraging any and every student to apply, from complete novices to professional artists.

Which medium should I make my artwork from?

You can create your artwork from whatever media you are most comfortable with. Previous students have submitted works made with collage materials, print, oil paints, drawings, films, digital games and photography! The sky is the limit!

Do I have to be a student to apply?

Yes. You need to be a current Durham University student to apply for the Student Art Prize.

Do I have to be a Durham University student to apply?

Yes, the Student Art Prize is for current Durham University students only.

Can I apply if I am a postgraduate student?

Yes, you can apply at in level in your education. As long as you are a registered Durham University student.

Can I submit more than one application or piece of work?

We are only accepting one work per student submitted.

I want to submit a sculpture, performance work or film. Can I submit a work that is not 2D?

If you would like to submit a three-dimensional work, performance or film then you will need to consider how the work will be viewed by the judging panel. For example, a sculpture would need to be submitted as a photograph or drawing, a performance may need to be filmed.

Can I submit as a group or collaboratively?

Yes! You can submit artwork created with others, however all named individuals on the application must be Durham University students. Any prize will be shared equally among the applicants named.

Do I need to submit the actual artwork?

No, you can submit up to 5 images of your artwork (or MP4 file for film and performance works). Please don’t send any physical artworks.

Do I need to frame or glaze my work?

No, you do not need to frame or glaze your work. All shortlisted artworks will be exhibited in an online exhibition as part of Summer in the City arts festival. On the submission forms we ask you to indicate if your artwork is already framed. This is because if COVID restrictions allow we want to investigate displaying the shortlisted works in a Student Art Prize physical exhibition.

I have a piece of artwork already that fits the theme, can I submit this even though it has not been made for the prize?


My work is does not fit the required size. Can I still submit it?

Yes, however this will need to be taken into consideration by the judging panel and could affect their decision.

How do I apply?

You can find all the details of how to apply, along with the submission form here.