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What to do in an emergency


Phone 999 for the police, an ambulance or the Fire & Rescue Service

Your call should be answered within ten seconds. A trained staff member will ask you to describe what has happened and where you are, so that you can receive help quickly. Please keep calm, and be prepared to give a brief, clear and precise explanation of the problem. As well as obtaining immediate help, your information could be used to prevent other crimes and help keep other people safe.

Contact the University's Security Hub on 0191 334 2222

Once you have phoned the emergency services, you should alert the University's Security Hub to the incident. You can reach them on 0191 334 2222 - calls to this number are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by a trained Security Operator. 

University Security have access to a list of emergency contact telephone numbers of university staff who can offer support and guidance. Security will also ensure that any emergency services attending the incident can get access to where they need to be on site quickly.


What to do in a serious situation that is not an emergency

If you want to report a non-emergency situation, such as theft or damage, you should either call 101 to speak to the local police, or go to your nearest police station to report the situation (in Durham City, the local police station is on New Elvet). 

Again, information you provide can also help prevent other crimes and keep other people safe.

Finally, as above, you should also contact the University Security hub on 0191 334 2222 to make them aware of the issue.

Remember to check your campus card

In the event of an emergency or other serious situation, you can find a list of useful contact information on the reverse of your campus card.


Other helpful contacts

As well as the contacts above, the University provides a number of other sources of help and support. There is a dedicated student support team within each College who are able to offer confidential and practical support on a range of issues. There are also many University, student-run and external services that are able to provide specialist help. These services provide a growing range of online guides, tools and other useful information.

Where to find advice and support

Counselling Service

Access free mental health support for Durham University students.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team

Information and resources on the University's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion commitments.
Stonewall Diversity Champion Logo

Disability Support

Information and support for applicants and current students with disabilities
Two students emerging through the double doors of the Disability Support service office in the Palatine Centre

Durham Nightline

Anonymous, confidential active listening for Durham students
Nightline logo

Reporting a hate incident

Guidance on how to recognise and report hate crimes

Reporting an incident of sexual violence

Support, counselling, and advice for reporting sexual violence to the police and University
Person writing on laptop with phone, coffee and glasses

What to do if you're in crisis right now

Support hotlines and resources for dealing with a crisis
Man with head in hands

Health and Safety Service

Contacts and resources for health and safety at Durham University
Construction safetywear including a hard hat, visor and workboots

Student support and wellbeing

Find information and support contacts to help you feel safe, well and comfortable at Durham
Supportively holding hands

Staff networks

Find a staff network that supports your needs
Abstract network molecules

True Vision

Police guidance on recognising, reporting and stopping hate crimes

Helplines Partnership

Search for helplines specialising in different topics and issues to find the help you need