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University Calendar

Council Membership

Ex officio members:

The Chancellor (Sir Thomas Allen)

The Vice-Chancellor and Warden (Professor Stuart Corbridge)

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost (Professor Antony Long)

The Dean of Durham, or, during a vacancy in office, The Vice-Dean (The Very Reverend Andrew Tremlett)

The President of the Central Organisation recognised by the Council for the representation of the students (George Walker)

Postgraduate Academic Officer, Durham Students’ Union (David Evans) (in attendance until Statutes are changed)

Appointed members:

Not more than twelve lay members, not being teachers or salaried staff in the University or any of its Colleges:

Mrs Joanna Barker (2019) (15)

Ms Alexis Cleveland (2021) (11) (Vice-Chair (2021) (15))

Joe Docherty (2021) (18) (Chair)

Mr James Grierson (2020) (Feb 2017)

Mr Steven Harman (2020) (13)

Mrs Alison Hastings (2019) (15)

Mrs Susan Johnson (2019) (10)

Mrs Jill May (2019) (12)

Dr Kate Pretty (2021) (14)

Mr Nigel Perry (2022) (18)

Two vacancies

Seven members of the staff of the University, at least five of whom to be academic staff with research and teaching responsibilities and none of whom to be serving members of the University Executive Committee:

Professor Catherine Alexander (2021) (17)

Professor Mike Bentley (2019) (12)

Dr Camila Caiado (2019) (15)

Mrs Caroline Dower (2021) (17)

Professor Joe Elliott (2021) (14)

Professor Colin Macpherson (2021) (17)

One Vacancy

In attendance:

Chief Financial Officer: Denise McConnell (Interim CFO)

Chief Operating Officer: to be appointed

Secretary: University Secretary (Ms Jennifer Sewel)

A full date after a member's name indicates that their term of office will expire on the 31 July in that year and a half date indicates the year of appointment of that member. eg (2021 (18 indicates that the member was appointed in 2018and their term of office will expire on the 31 July 2021