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Department of Sociology

Research Projects

Dr Ivan Hill

Associate Professor (Teaching) in the Department of Sociology


Dr Ivan Hill currently teaches at both undergraduate and post graduate levels at Durham University in the School of Applied Social Sciences, he is currently Programme Director of Undergraduate Studies - Criminology. He has substantial experience of teaching at a number of academic institutions across the North East of England and his research focus is now on narratives and their use in the inscription of masculinity. His recent work has focused on interrogating the interplay of masculinity and war through the study of letters and diaries of soldiers serving in the South African War (1899-1902). He has most recently taught in two local prisons as an 'Inside Out' instrutor. Ivan has also carried out a wide range of independent consultancy including work for the Home Office and has previously been involved in critically evaluating a wide variety of community based projects including those working with young people, community safety and excluded groups. He continues to play an active role within local organisations.


Book section:

Hill I (2015) Finding the manly man in archives: Historical/archival research as the documents of life in O’Neill, M., Roberts, B, and Sparkes A.C. (Eds.). Advances in Biographical Research Creative Applications. Oxford. Routledge.

Hill I (2014) The Boer War: A manly enterprise? In S.J. James (Ed.) Books for boys: Literacy, Nation and the First World War. Durham.Institute of Advanced Study Durham University.

Professional Journal Article:

Hill I (2015) (with Laura Hanson) ‘Criminal Justice: Up close and personal’ in Phoenix (The Journal for Graduate Careers Advisory Services p.8).


Research Presentations:

Hill, I(2014) (with Professor Maggie O’Neill) ‘Ghosts of our future?’ Conference paper presented at North East Crime Research Conference, based on commissioned work in collaboration with the Arts Council and Durham County Libraries Service.

Hill, I(2013) ‘Memory and war: reshaping the past’ Ustinov College Café Politique Conference series.

Hill, I(2013) ‘Inside Out – teaching in prison’ Conference paper presented at School of Applied Social Sciences PGR Conference.

Hill, I(2013) ‘The Boer War- real man in a real war?’ Josephine Butler College Conference Series

Hill, I(2013) ‘Masculinity and War’ invited speaker to Army Officers on advanced training at Catterick Army Camp.

Hill, I(2012)Workshop facilitator on Advanced Biographical Research: Archival research, (under auspices of the European Sociological Association) Durham University.


Research Engagement:

Hill, I(2014) (with Professor Maggie O’Neill) Creation of interactive criminal justice walk ‘Ghosts of our future: prisons in Durham from the medieval to the modern’. This was in collaboration with HMP Durham, The Arts Council and Durham County Library. A web site is also being developed currently projected to ‘go live’ early 2016.

Hill, I (2001) An evaluation of Operation ‘Caveat’, an intensive critical review (commissioned by the Home Office) to determine the effectiveness of a particular Police Anti-Car Crime Strategy. Home Office, Police Research group.

Hill, I and Bowler, R (2000)A meta-evaluation into the Northumbria Police enhanced response for ethnic communities (EREC) commissioned by Northumbria Police.

Research Reports and Commissions:

Hartlepool Children’s Fund (2009) –Evaluation of the effectiveness of Hartlepool Children’s Fund in making change for young people, commissioned by Hartlepool Local Authority Children’s Services.

Hetton Centre Learning Mentor Programme (2009) -Evaluation of the effectiveness of the programme in engaging community members in learning programmes, commissioned by Sunderland Local Authority Community Services.

Community Cohesion Mapping (2008-2009) – Exercise to identify and map existing community cohesion initiatives in Hartlepool, from these making recommendations for future policy, commissioned by Safer Hartlepool Partnership Executive Group.

Review of the Coalfield Forum Sunderland (2008) - Exercise to evaluate the strengths of the specific Coalfield Forum delivery model, making recommendations for the development of an integrated community strategy through a city wide Area Forum Hub and Spoke model, commissioned by Sunderland City Council Directorate of Community and Culture.

Hartlepool Deaf Centre (2007) - Independent research project to identify and interview members of the d/Deaf community excluded from mainstream service providers in a specific area, the aim to recommend solutions which would improve access a range of facilities, commissioned by Hartlepool Deaf Centre.

North Benwell Youth Project (2005-2006) - a critical review of a specific Neighbourhood Renewal project involving young people in delivering specified outcomes and an overview of impact of practice initiatives implemented by the full project, commissioned by North Benwell Youth Project.

Independent Advocacy, Hartlepool (2005) – An analysis of the effectiveness of a voluntary sector service, led and managed by users of mental health services, commissioned by Independent Advocacy.





Research Projects

  • Why do some men take a public stance against men's violence against women, and how can more men be encouraged to do so?