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The Institute of Advanced Study is a prestigious, ideas-based Institute with global reach. We bring together world-leading researchers from all disciplines to work with Durham colleagues on collaborative projects of major intellectual, scientific, political and practical significance. At least twenty visiting IAS Fellows join us in Durham each year to work with Durham scholars to spark new investigations, set tomorrow's agenda and participate in a varied programme of activities.

Each year, the IAS supports four ambitious interdisciplinary projects tackling major research questions. Leading researchers from around the globe join Durham colleagues in collaborative teams to develop ground-breaking ideas, explore interdisciplinary synergies and develop new programmes of research.

The Institute also serves as a top-level forum, enabling key-decision makers and experts to discuss pressing policy problems in an intellectually stimulating and unrestricted manner. We put on a wide range of public lectures and other events. There are also opportunities for postgraduates and other early career researchers to get involved.

The IAS aims to build research capacity, realise potential, and meet the challenges of a changing world. There are many ways to participate in the life and work of the institute. We warmly welcome your involvement.


The IAS welcomes the Michaelmas Term of Fellows

The Institute of Advanced Study is delighted to welcome its first cohort of Fellows for Michaelmas term. A significant number of the 2019/20 Fellowship focus on four high-quality, IAS sponsored major interdisciplinary projects. These projects integrate several of our IAS Fellows with Durham scholars for a period of intensive collaboration. The IAS programme gives further detail about the specific projects and the planned activities over the year. In addition, there are also a number of Fellows who will be collaborating with other Durham colleagues over the term.

The IAS Fellowship continues to play a major role in the life of the IAS. This term the IAS is joined by among others: world expert on clay mineralogy and clay-microbe interactions, Professor Hailiang Dong from Miami University; Professor Andrea Halpern from Bucknell University in the US, a cognitive psychologist and cognitive neuroscientist, who studies memory and perception of nonverbal information, usually music, and sometimes art. Martine Miller, Vice President at the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy in Washington whose research interests include inclusive mediation, focusing on gender and on religious peacemakers; Johanna Poutanen, Head for Women in Peacemaking at the Crisis Management Initiative (Finland) who has extensive experience in peace mediation and conflict management, with specialist expertise in women and youth participation in peace processes; and Jing-Bao Nie, Professor at the Bioethics Centre, Dunedin School of Medicine, University of Otago, whose extensive research takes a distinctive transcultural approach to bioethics and cultural studies. 

Details of the full Fellowship can be found at, and further detailed information about the sponsored projects can be located here.

During the term all IAS Fellows will deliver an IAS seminar and a public lecture

(7 Oct 2019)

Evidence across Disciplines

Institute of Advanced Study-Northern Bridge Postdoctoral Summer School
Durham 7 June 2019

Evidence makes a case. But how? In words? Feelings? Numbers? Images? Each discipline will tend to give a different answer. On 7 June 2019 the Institute of Advanced Study offered the Northern Bridge Doctoral Training Consortium ( an introduction to one of our specialities, the complex relation of evidence, proof and truth across disciplines, featuring presentations from Nicholas Saul, Samantha Hillyard, Karen Johnson, and our special guest from Basel, Europe’s leading expert on the digital humanities, Professor Gerhard Lauer ( You can see Gerhard’s slides here.

(17 Jun 2019)

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