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Professor Robin Williams

Emeritus Professor in the Department of Sociology

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Authored book

  • Williams, R & Johnson, P (2008). Genetic Policing: The Use of DNA in Criminal Investigations. Willan Publishing.
  • Williams, R (2000). Making Identity Matter. York: sociologypress.

Chapter in book

  • Williams, R. (2008). DNA databases and genomics research: forensic and military (ab)uses. In International Enyclopedia of Life Sciences. London: Wiley.
  • Williams, R. (2008). Entries on 'DNA Profiling' and on 'Fingerprints'. In Dictionary of Policing. Newburn, T. & Neyroud, P. Cullompton: Willan Publishing. pages 86 & 108.
  • Johnson, P. & Williams, R. (2008). European Securization and Bioemetric Identification: The Uses of Genetic Profiling (reprinted from Ann 1st Super Sanita 2007). In Biometrics: Techno-Legal Issues. Bhavani, M.N. Punjagutta: Icfai University Press.
  • Williams, R. (2008). Policing and Forensic Science. In Handbook of Policing. Newburn, T. Cullompton: Willan. 760-793.
  • Williams, R. (2007). The Problem of Dust: Forensic Investigation as Practical Action. In Orders of Ordinary Action. D. Francis & S. Hester London: Ashgate.
  • Williams, R. & Johnson, P. (2007). Trace Biometrics and Criminal Investigations. In Handbook of Criminal Investigation. Newburn, T., Williamsson, T. & Wright, A. Willan. 357-380.
  • Banks, S.J. & Williams, R. (2004). 'Old dilemmas, new contexts: ethical challenges for social welfare practitioners'. In Dilemmas for Human Services 2003: A post NPM World? Ethics and Risk in a Changing Environment. J. Radcliffe et.al. Stoke on Trent: University of Staffordshire. 119-123.

Edited book

  • Fraser, J. & Williams, R. (2009). The Handbook of Forensic Science. Willan Publishing.

Journal Article

Other (Print)

  • Wilson, T. & Williams, R. (2008). Memorandum to the House of Lords Select Committee on the European Sub Committee F (Home Affairs) in response to its inquiry into Interpol.


Research Interests

  • The Use of Forensic Science in Criminal Investigations

Research Projects

Selected Grants

  • 2008: RF200032: THE FUTURE OF FORENSIC BIOINFORMATION, The Nuffield Foundation, £7939, 2008-09-01 - 2010-09-01

Media Contacts

Available for media contact about:

  • Crime: Forensic Science
  • Crime: Biometrics
  • Crime: Expertise and Credibility