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Durham University

Department of Sociology

Completed Projects

Why do some men take a public stance against men's violence against women, and how can more men be encouraged to do so?

A research project of the Department of Sociology.


Many academics, policy makers, and NGOs have argued that men must engage further in the anti-violence against women movement for social change to become faster and more embedded. However, there exists very little knowledge about structural and individual factors that might enable and support this engagement.

The aim of this project is to understand the factors that enable men to actively and publicly take a stance against men’s violence against women. This will involve using a Delphi based questionnaire (n=50) and in-depth interviews (n=10) to a) understand the personal backgrounds of such men and b) ask them to act as ‘experts’ in predicting what socio-cultural, personal, political, and economic factors might be conducive to enabling and supporting more men to make a public stance against violence against women.

The project will create new knowledge and social policy recommendations. By exploring the dynamics by which some men come to challenge men’s violence and building on their knowledge and experience, we will suggest how more men can be drawn into the struggle.


From the Department of Sociology