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Durham University

Department of Sociology

Completed Projects

Social Inclusion through Employment Support for Adults with Mental Illness - SESAMI

A research project of the Department of Sociology.


Supported employment is at an early stage of development in England.
This study identifies models of good practice on which to base further development in public, voluntary and private sectors. Its overall aim is to promote greater integration into the workforce of people with severe mental health problems.


The study focuses on supported employment for people with severe and
enduring mental health problems, who are much less likely to be
employed than other disability groups. It evaluates the effectiveness of
different approaches to service delivery, and measures costs to the
individual, the provider, the employer and the taxpayer.


The research design comprises a case study approach, underpinned
by Realistic Evaluation methodology, to generate insights into what
works for whom in what circumstances. Processes, outcomes and costs
are examined using quantitative and qualitative research methods
with a range of informants: people who use supported employment
services and those who choose not to do so, as well as clinicians,
employment support workers and employers. We look at
employment status, quality of life and work, social inclusion and service


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