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Durham University

Department of Sociology

Completed Projects

A detailed Mapping IPV Services in the North East

A research project of the Department of Sociology.


The ‘map of gaps’ research published last year by the End Violence Against Women Coalition (EVAW) highlighted that, like elsewhere in the country, there are gaps in the region in relation to violence against women services. However, a more detailed look at the region is needed. Local Authorities need to look at enabling a consistent, coordinated community response to all IPV and this project will show what is available to whom and where.


This project will result in an up-to-date scoping of IPV services in the North East. The benefits of this are:

  • It will show where there are currently service overlaps.
  • It will show where there is a need for the expansion of services/development of new services.
  • It will provide an up-to-date regional directory of resources.
  • It will provide a baseline measure with which to measure future improvements in services.


Online survey and geographical mapping.


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