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Steering Committee

  • Prof Yulia Egorova (director)
  • Prof IlanZvi Baron (co-director)
  • Dr Susan Frenk
  • Dr Zoe Roth
  • Dr Noam Leshem 


Name, Department Specialisms 
Prof Yulia Egorova, Department of Anthropology 
  • Anthropology of Judaism and Jewish communities.
  • Constructions of identity and difference 
  • Jewish-Muslim relations
  • Definitions of antisemitism and Islamophobia
Prof Ilan Baron, SGIA   
  • Diaspora/Israel relations 
  • The Israelization of Diaspora identity 
  • Jewish political thought, especially Hannah Arendt and more generally the idea of a Diaspora political and moral philosophy. 
Dr Zoë Roth, MLAC, French  
  • Francophone Jewish writing and visual culture  
  • Intersection of postcolonial studies and Jewish studies
  • Transnational approaches to Holocaust memory
  • Race, embodiment, and lived experience. 
Dr Noam Leshem, Geography   
  • Political geographies and histories 
  • Activism and political protest 
  • Urban conflict and resilience 
  • Postcolonial theory 
  • Jewish political theology. 
Prof Mark Sandy, English  
  • Post-War Twentieth-Century Jewish American literature, especially the legacies of Romanticism in the writings of Saul Bellow and Philip Roth.
Prof Stuart Weeks, Theology  
  • Biblical wisdom literature
  • Relationship between biblical and ancient Egyptian literature
  • Text criticism, esp. Septuagint
Prof Kay Schiller, History  
  • 19th and 20th-century German-Jewish history
  • Sports history, especially the history of football
  • Modern German cultural and intellectual history
  • Post-1945 Germany.
Professor Clive Jones, SGIA  
  • Professor Jones is the current chair of the European Association of Israel Studies, a board member of the Israel institute and on the editorial board of the Israel Studies Review and Middle Eastern Studies.
  • Israeli foreign and defence policy
  • Jewish Diasporas in the Arab World
  • Israel’s insurgent citizens: the ‘Hardal’ and challenges to the State’.
Dr Emma Poulton, School of Applied Social Sciences  
  • Antisemitism within the context of football
  • Jewish identity within football.
Dr Yael Almog, School of Modern Languages
  • German-Jewish encounters
  • Hermeneutics and literary theory
  • Literature and political philosophy



Visiting Fellows 

Name, RoleSpecialisms
Dr Kahn-Harris, sociologist and lecturer
  • the contemporary British Jewish community,
  • the impact of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on Jews in the Diaspora
  • Jews and popular music.
Rabbi, Dr Barbara Borts  
  • Jewish history and culture
  • Contemporary Jewish theology 
  • Women and Judaism 
  • Social issues and Judaism 
  • Anthropology of contemporary Jewish cultures 
  • Music and religion. 

Honorary Fellows