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Durham University

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Professor Ilan Zvi Baron, BA (Hons), MSc, DPhil

Professor in International Political Theory and Interim Head of School in the School of Government and International Affairs
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 47221
Room number: SE116, Southend House

Contact Professor Ilan Zvi Baron (email at


Ilan Zvi Baron completed his doctorate at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, in 2007 where he was an E.H. Carr Scholar and recipient of an Overseas Research Scheme grant. He completed an MSc in International Relations at the London School of Economics and a BA (Hons) in Political Science at the University of Victoria, Canada. He has been deputy editor of Millennium, and has worked with various international NGOs in Geneva and Zurich. Dr Baron has held visiting posts at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the University of British Columbia, and the London School of Economics. He was a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Institut Barcelona D'Estudis Internacionals. 

Dr. Baron's research explores different ways that we experience international politics in our everyday lives. To date, he has written on post-truth politics, the Jewish Diaspora's relationship with Israel, and the international cultural politics of Israeli cuisine. In addition, he has written on violence, the ethics of war, identity and security, and International Relations theory.

He is currently working on a long-term research project about political responsibility and dystopian novels. This project is a continuation of his work on post-truth politics.

Research Groups

School of Government and International Affairs

  • Nations, Nationalisms and Diasporas
  • Political Theory

Research Interests

  • Political Responsibility
  • International Political Theory
  • Political Theory
  • Jewish Diaspora and Zionism
  • International Political Sociology
  • Dystopia
  • Food Politics (Israeli Cuisine)

Selected Publications

Authored book

  • Baron, Ilan Zvi (2018). How to Save Politics in a Post-Truth Era: Thinking Through Difficult Times. Manchester: Manchester University Press.
  • Baron, Ilan Zvi (2015). Obligation in Exile: The Jewish Diaspora, Israel and Critique. Edinburgh University Press; Oxford University Press.
  • Baron, Ilan Zvi (2009). Justifying the Obligation to Die: War, Ethics, and Political Obligation with Illustrations from Zionism. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

Chapter in book

  • Baron, Ilan Zvi (2019). Methodological Reflections about STAIR. In Science, Technology, and Art in International Relations. Singh, J. P., Carr, Madeline & Marlin-Bennett, Renée Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.
  • Baron, Ilan Zvi (2018). Diasporas and political obligation. In Routledge Handbook of Diaspora Studies. Cohen, Robin & Fischer, Carolin Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge. 223-230.
  • Baron, Ilan Zvi (2016). Reflexivity, Critique, and the Jewish Diaspora. In Reflexivity and International Relations: Positionality, Critique, and Practice. Amoureux, Jack L. & Steele, Brent J. Routledge. 179-200.

Journal Article

  • Baron, Ilan Zvi (2019). Falsifiability, the politics of evidence, and the importance of narratives. Critical Studies on Security 7(2): 171-177.
  • Baron, Ilan Zvi, Kamola, Isaac A., Havercroft, Jonathan, Murphy, Justin, Koomen, Jonneke & Pritchard, Alex (2019). Liberal Pacification and the Phenomenology of Violence. International Studies Quarterly 63(1): 199-212.
  • Baron, Ilan Zvi (2018). The contradictions of Diaspora: A reflexive critique of the Jewish Diaspora’s relationship with Israel. Journal of International Political Theory 14(1): 85-106.
  • Baron, Ilan Zvi (2017). Response to Daniel Monterescu's review of Obligation in Exile: The Jewish Diaspora, Israel and Critique. Perspectives on Politics 15(03): 795.
  • Baron, Ilan Zvi (2016). Eating Jerusalem: Politics, Food and Identity. Jewish Studies Quarterly 23(3): 267-285.
  • Baron, Ilan Zvi (2016). Reading Cookbooks: Israeli Food and the International Relations of the Every Day. Arts and International Affairs 1(1).
  • Baron, Ilan Zvi (2015). IR has not, is not and will not take place. International Relations 29(2): 259-263.
  • Baron, Ilan Zvi (2014). Diasporic Security and Jewish Identity. Modern Jewish Studies 13(2): 292-309.
  • Baron, Ilan Zvi (2014). The Continuing Failure of International Relations and the Challenges of Disciplinary Boundaries. Millennium - Journal of International Studies 43(1): 224-244.
  • Baron, Ilan Zvi (2014). The Jewish Question in the 21st Century: An Unanswered Question? Exploring the Jewish Question in Literature and Politics. Jewish Journal of Sociology 56(1): 5-28.
  • Baron, Ilan Zvi (2010). Dying for the State: The Missing Just War Question? Review of International Studies 36(1): 215-234.
  • Baron, Ilan Zvi (2009). The Problem of Dual Loyalty. The Canadian Journal of Political Science 42(4): 1025-1044.

Book review

  • Baron, Ilan Zvi (2017). Jaffa Shared and Shattered: Contrived Coexistence in Israel/Palestine. By Daniel Monterescu. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2015. 384p. $85.00 cloth, $32.00 paper. Perspectives on Politics 15(03): 791-792.
  • Baron, Ilan Zvi (2009). Globalisation, Democracy and Terrorism by Eric Hobsbawm. Intelligence and National Security 24(6): 570-605.
  • Baron, Ilan Zvi (2005). Book Review: General International Relations Jean Baudrillard, The Spirit of Terrorism (London: Verso, 2002, 52 pp., £8.00 pbk.). Paul Virilio, Ground Zero (London: Verso, 2002, 82 pp., £8.00 pbk.). Slavoj Žižek, Welcome to the Desert of the Real (London: Verso, 2002, 154 pp., £8.00 pbk.). Millennium Journal of International Studies 34(1): 267-271.
  • Baron, Ilan Zvi (2003). Chris Brown, Sovereignty, Rights and Justice: International Political Theory Today (Cambridge: Polity Press, 2002, 296 pp., £16.99 pbk., £55.00 hbk.). Millennium 32(1): 143-145.

Other (Digital/Visual Media)

  • Baron, Ilan Zvi (2017). How to save politics in a post-truth era? Cicero Foundation Great Debate Paper: 17/07.

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Available for media contact about:

  • International politics: International Relations Theory
  • Political thought & theory: Political Obligation
  • Politics & Society: Political Philosophy of International Relations
  • Geography: Dual loyalty or the problem of holding multiple allegiances to conflicting states or political communities.
  • Politics & Society: Dual loyalty or the problem of holding multiple allegiances to conflicting states or political communities.
  • Geography: Diaspora Politics
  • Politics & Society: Diaspora Politics
  • Politics & Society: Zionism
  • Geography: The connections between identity, obligation and security.
  • Politics & Society: The connections between identity, obligation and security.
  • Ethics, Religion & Beliefs: Death and the ethics of war
  • International politics: Death and the ethics of war
  • Philosophy: Philosophy and Global Politics, focusing on multiculturalism, human diversity, ethics and the politics of identity.