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Art-Science Collaborations

Bringing together Durham academics and creatives to form new and surprising connections that explore and shape our research and communities in fresh new ways.

BSI Create is an exciting project from the BSI that brings together creatives and scientists from the Biophysical Sciences Institute. By supporting these creative partnerships we explore and communicate the ideas that drive our research. Looking for the surprising connections to bring new perspectives and spark the imagination.
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The artwork i being projected onto the side of the Bill Bryson Library as part of Lumiere 2013.

Our Art-Science Platform


Bringing people together

Our Art-Science collaboration platform BSI Create, brings creatives and academics together with scientists from the Biophysical Sciences Institute (BSI).

To help to build these creative collaborations we have two funding schemes: Seed to match partners and support the early conversations and the Project Building Fund to develop project ideas.


No agenda - Seed 

Seed is designed to spark new collaborative partnerships and give them space to develop. It is not a scheme for project ideas. It is to start conversations that will lead to cross-disciplinary collaborations. There is no brief other than to talk, explore ideas connected to our research and just see what happens.

Through Seed BSI scientists and creatives connect based on their approach, their creative ambitions and professional interests. Matching of partners will be done by an expert panel of academics and creatives with a wealth of experience of working across disciplines.

How to apply for the Seed Scheme

Open call for participants - closes on 26 April 2024 


Taking it to the next stage

Project Building Funding enables existing groupings or partners to realise ideas, to undertake small projects or to develop cases for external funding.

This is the stage at which we invite applications from partnerships or teams. Funding of up to £2K will be made available for proposals that explore the ideas that drive or are inspired by our research. Applications to the Project Building Fund will be assessed by an expert panel with a wealth of experience of collaboration across disciplines and of the impact of interdisciplinarity collaboration and its communication.

How to apply for the Project Building Fund


Images: Above, top right: An image from the artwork I which was projected onto the Bill Bryson Library as part of Lumiere 2013. I was developed in collaboration between Gina Czarnecki and Professor John Girkin (Department of Physics) and commissioned by Artichoke with support from The Wellcome Trust.