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First Ever Method to Selectively Prepare Chiral Ammonium Cation Centres

A recent paper in Nature from Matthew Kitching (Department of Chemistry and member of the BSI) describes the first ever general method for the selective preparation of chiral ammonium ions.
Binol and the bromide counterions form a chiral supramolecular network – shown as teal van der Waals surface – that only fits one of the ammonium cation enantiomers

Dr Robert Banks Awarded Dunelmensis Award for Exceptional Service to the University

Image above: On September 4th and 5th 2014, a group of >50 of Bob’s friends and colleagues, both old and new, gathered at Collingwood College, University of Durham to celebrate the history, discoveries and future of research associated with Bob’s time in the field.
Symposium attendees smiling for a group photograph outside of Collingwood College.

Dr Yuval Elani - 2022 Judith Howard Lecture Prize Winner

We are very pleased to announce Dr Yuval Elani from Imperial College London as the 2022 Judith Howard Lecturer.
View of Durham Cathedral across the River Wear

2022 Biophysical Sciences Institute Thesis Prize

We are pleased to announce that the 2022 BSI Thesis Prize has been awarded to Dr Ben Usher.
Durham Castle Courtyard

From Disease Diagnosis to Bioinspired materials

The career and research of Professor Roy Quinlan was celebrated in a special symposium organised by his Durham Colleagues and hosted by the BSI. The meeting was held in the spirit of Roy’s substantial contribution to collaborative research and was attended by his colleagues from near and far.

Art Inspired by Science - An Exhibition

In January 2024 St Cuthbert’s Society are hosting an exciting new exhibition Art Inspired by Science, which will display a collection of images of biological systems alongside creative responses. These are invited from both creatives and the wider community, especially, Cuth’s students. This forms part of the College's Wider Student Experience programme and is supported by the Biophysical Sciences Institute.
Electron microscope image of Paramecium, courtesy of Dr R W Banks.

New 2023 Art-Science Collaboration Funding  

Image above: a simulation “Turing on Turing” courtesy of Dr Andrew Krause, Dr Adam Townsend (Durham University) and Dr Benjamin Walker (University of Bath). simulation “Turing on Turing”