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Developing state-of-the-art instruments

Our vision is to develop advanced instrumentation in a diverse range of areas including astronomy, the life sciences, space instrumentation and fusion diagnostics. In recent years our projects have ranged from developments for the European Extremely Large Telescope, imaging Covid in a live human lung, and instrumentation for the James Webb Space Telescope.

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Astronomical Instrumentation

Developing cutting edge technology for some of the world's biggest observatories


Solving challenges in the life sciences both for use in the clinic and in the life science laboratory.
Image of Zebrafish Heart showing the actin structure within, taken via SPIM.

Fusion Diagnostics

Development of advanced instrumentation for fusion energy development.
Image of plasma in Culham Centre for Fusion Energy

Free-Space Optics

Developing tools and techniques to model, monitor and mitigate the Earth's atmospheric turbulence
orange laser guide star

Software and tools

Explore our publicly available and open-source software and tools
graphical user interface for soapy simulation tool

Space Science

Developing the technology for the future of space
All-aluminium freeform optical system for the Lunar Thermal Mapper