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CfAI projects

Explore some of our projects below


CUBES (Cassegrain U-Band Efficient Spectrograph) is a high efficiency spectrograph that will be installed at a Cassegrain focus of the VLT.


LUCES (Looking Up image slicers optimum Capabilities in the EUV for Space) is a project led by Durham University in collaboration with UCL. Funded by the UK Space Agency
LUCES conceptual design


Turbulence monitoring equipment for the European Space Agency Hydron "fibre in the sky" project.
TURBO project logo


Advanced Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics for Satellite Communication Assessments

Extremely Large Telescope Instrumentation

Instrumentation for the Extremely Large Telescope
HARMONI instrument CAD model

Lunar Thermal Mapper

The LMT is an instrument of the Lunar Trailblazer (NASA SIMPLEx small planetary science mission)
All-aluminium freeform optical system for the Lunar Thermal Mapper


Free-space optical communications inter-satellite links
Cubesat communications module developed at Durham

Solar Activity Magnetic Monitor Network (SAMNET)

Durham have designed, built and commissioned the full-disk SAMNET prototype that is installed at the Gyula Bay Zoltan Solar Observatory.
SAMNET project logo


Superpressure Balloon-borne Space Telescope
SuperBIT ballon borne telescope

NIRspec Integral Field Unit

Instrumentation for the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)
JWST instrument