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Non-University accommodation

About one-third of new postgraduate students live in University accommodation. The other two-thirds live in private accommodation in and around Durham or Stockton (depending on whether your programme of study is based in Durham City or in Stockton at Queen's Campus).

A range of rental accommodation is available in Durham City and its neighbouring villages, and in Stockton and the surrounding area.

Assistance in looking for private accommodation is provided by the Accommodation Offices in Durham and in Stockton at Queen's Campus.

Durham is a small city, and private rooms or houses in the centre are always in high demand. You should expect to pay the highest rents if you want to live in the city centre.

Many students live in houses in the surrounding areas, which are only 2-4 miles away from the centre, but which have a good supply of housing and are usually cheaper than rents in the city centre. These areas also have good public transport links.