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Durham University

Funding is available to support many GO Durham placements. The funding available may depend on the activity undertaken, the location of the activity and your circumstances. Many year-long placements allow students to continue to receive Student Finance for the year and there is a tuition fee reduction for Placement and Study Abroad years. Additional support may also be available for students that may have entry barriers, such as caring responsibilities, medical support costs or who are from disadvantaged groups.


To support Global Opportunities, tutition fee reductions are in place for Placement Year and Study Abroad students.

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Student Finance

Students can still apply for Student Finance and receive their Durham Grant.

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Many Global Opportunities are self-funded, however, there are number of additional funding sources that can support students.

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Full Year Placements

If you are away from the University for the full academic year on either a work Placement Year or Study Abroad year, you are still required to pay tuition fees to Durham University. These fees are, however, discounted. For Study Abroad, exchange agreements between Durham University and its partner universities mean that students are not required to pay tuition fees to the host university for the duration of the exchange period (unless otherwise stated). The fees payable are:

  • Study 'year abroad fee': 15% of current Durham tuition fees
  • Work 'placement year' fee: 20% of current Durham tuition fee

If you plan to be from Durham for the full year but circumstances dictate that your stay is curtailed and you reamin for less than the full academic year, fees payable may be different. Please contact the Finance Department to confirm fees due. If you receive assistance with paying your tuition fees this support should remain the same (this should be confirmed with the Finance department or Student Finance England (and equivalents)).

Short Placements

Summer schools, volunteering and many short-term (summer) internships take place outside of the academic year and, therefore, fall outside of Durham's tuition fee requirements (e.g. you will still have to fund the preceeding academic year). Some of these placements (such as summer schools) may have small fees charged by partners (as they are extra-tuition). Any fees will be listed on any advertising materials. Widening Access students undertaking short placements may be able apply for funding (such as scholarships and bursaries from Durham to support these costs (see 'Extra Funding' below).

Student Finance (UK)

Students can still apply for the full Maintenance Loan and/or Grant from Student Finance England (and equivalents in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland). The Year Abroad Leaflet produced by the Scholarships and Student Funding Office covers all elements of your student finance.

Durham Student Finance 2018-19 Year Abroad Leaflet

Any queries regarding the payment of your maintenance loan/ grant please should be directed to the Student Financial Support Office by email at:

All of the above information is correct at the time of publication. Please note that terms and conditions are subject to change, please contact the Exchange & Study Abroad Team to confirm current arrangements.

The Durham Grant

At the time of writing, students in receipt of a Durham Grant will still be eligible for payments while on full-year Study Abroad or Placement Year.

Please visit the Student Finance page to check the exact FAQs: Student Finance : Durham Grant Scheme FAQs - Durham University.


Durham highly values its partnerships with European universities and is committed to continuing our exchanges post-Brexit. As the UK has left the European Union with a negotiated deal, the UK will continue to participate in the Erasmus+ programme until the end of our current project, in 2023.

  • 2021/22: Students undertaking an Erasmus+ year abroad in 2021/22 should visit the Erasmus Grant and or the previous funding pages.
  • 2022/23: We will seek to fund as many Erasmus+ placements as possible with the funds remaining from our Erasmus+ grant. Please also read the sections below on Turing and placements to find out about other sources of funding that may be available.

Non-Erasmus+ Funding Opportunities

There is a range of support available from a vareity of funding sources. Please see the columns below for the funding available, depending on lenght and circumstance.

As we transition from Erasmus+ the University has submitted a bid to fully participate in the UK's Turing Scheme to support funding for students on worldwide placements in future. The British Council / Department for Education have not yet announced the outcome of Turing bids. Please revisit this page in future as we will update it later in 2021, when more information has been made available.

Short Placement Funding


The University has a limited number of bursaries available to assist students who are looking to undertake an international volunteering opportunity. These bursaries are available for students taking up opportunities with one of our Trusted Partners. Please visit the International Travel Support Bursary page for further details.


The University has a limited number of bursaries available to assist home undergraduate students who are looking to undertake a self-found global internship. Bursaries are available to support things like international air travel, accommodation, subsistence, fees and charges for visas, travel vaccinations etc. Please visit the Global Internship Bursaries page for further details.

Summer Schools

There is currently no specific funding for Summer Schools, however, some of our formal university partners offer discounted fees or waivers. These will be listed on the Summer Schools page.

Turing Scheme

Through the Turing Scheme Durham will seek to make funding available for short-term opportunities that have a positive impact in terms of educational attainment, social mobility or employability. This may include: summer schools, volunteering or internships (non-exhaustive list), however, we cannot commit funding until the outcome of Turing bids has been announced.

Long Placement Funding


Currently the main funding available for full-year Study Abroad placements is the Erasmus+ scheme. This is only available for eligible placements in countries also participating in the Erasmus+ scheme (in Europe). Students undertaking a year abroad in 2021/22 should visit the old funding pages for grant and eligibility information information. Furthermore, students undertaking placements in European countries in 2021/22 and 2022/23 should visit the Brexit page since Erasmus+ is funded by the European Union.

Turing Scheme

Durham is seeking future funding for full-year study and work placements worldwide from the government's Turing Scheme - the global replacement for Erasmus+. The results of funding bids have not been announced by the UK government / British Council. Durham will update these pages with Turing information, once known.

Access Funding

Some access funding is available to assist disadvantaged student groups, this information is included in the column to the right.

Access Funding

Students from disadvantaged student groups or with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND) needs may be eligible to receive additional funding to support a Global Opportunity

Student Employability Fund

This fund assists disadvantaged student groups with costs related to work or internship placements. This can include travel costs, equipment costs incl. laptops or potentially clothing costs to dress appropriately for their environment. In order to be eligible to be considered for this support, students will come from families who have a household income, as assessed by Student Finance England (or equivalent) of below £42,875 per annum. Please visit: The Student Employability Fund for more details.

International Travel Support Busary (Volunteering)

A limited number of bursaries are available to assist students who are looking to undertake an international volunteering opportunity with one of our Trusted Partners. Household income restrictions apply. Please visit the International Travel Support Bursary page for further details.

Global Internship Bursaries

These support students undertaking a self-found global internship. Household income restrictions apply. In addition, students must meet one of the following criteria: have participated in the Supported Progression Scheme or Sutton Trust Summer School at Durham University; be from a minority ethnic group; have a home address is in an area of low progression to higher education (i.e. your postcode is listed as a ‘1’ or ‘2’ in the POLAR4 column on the POLAR checking tool); you are a care-leaver (at any time) or an estranged student. Please visit the Global Internship Bursaries page for further details.

General Bursaries and Scholarships

The University also offers a wide range of additional scholarships and bursaries with specific eligibility requirements such as: department (e.g. Music), activity (e.g. sport) or background (e.g. from North East England). The Undergraduate Scholarships and Bursaries page contains a full list.

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