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Volunteer Registration

Welcome to student volunteering!

This form is to be filled out to volunteer with SCA, Team Durham, Music Durham, Durham Student Theatre or in your college.

Basic Details
Contact Details
Medical Details

University Information
Coaching Qualifications
If you are volunteering on a sports project please complete this section

You   have the RIGHT to:

  • Volunteer as much or as little as you’d like, and stop at any time.
  • Claim any reasonable expenses incurred while volunteering.
  • Support and information.
  • Training relevant to your volunteering.
  • Raise a grievance.

You   have the RESPONSIBILITY to:

  • Be reliable. Inform the project in advance if you are unable to make an agreed time.
  • Inform us if you want to stop volunteering.
  • Keep accurate records of your expenses.
  • Keep in touch, and inform the office if you have any problems.
  • Follow the complaints procedure.

I agree that SCA/Team Durham Community/College volunteering on behalf of the University of Durham may contact me by email from time to time using the contact details provided above for the following reasons:

  • Administrative purposes in regards to any memberships/events/ activities you may be involved in;
  • To keep you informed of any events/clubs/activities that we feel may be of interest to you; and
  • On occasion to send you marketing information on behalf of third party sponsors informing you of products/services/events we feel may be of interest to you.

The information submitted will be used for volunteer registration and insurance purposes and impact reporting on student volunteering at Durham University. If any of your personal details change you must inform us immediately. You can email or telephone 01913341208. For more information about data protection and information governance, please visit the Durham University Data Protection and Individual Rights webpages.


Occasionally, we may take photographs during activities and events. We may use these images in a Durham University prospectus or in other printed publications that we produce, as well as on our website. We may also make video or webcam recordings to promote the work of Durham University to partners, funders or other charitable institutions or for other educational use. 

To comply with the Data Protection Act 2018, we need your permission before we can photograph or make any recordings of you.  

Do we have permission to photograph, record or otherwise reproduce your image or likeness on any media for use by Durham University in the following ways:
• In a Durham University prospectus and other printed publications that we produce for promotional purposes
• On social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter
• On our website

Please note that websites can be viewed throughout the world and not just in the United Kingdom where UK law applies.