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Getting home safely

Night Lights Map

Walking home at night? Click on this box to download the Night Lights map and see the lit routes to follow when walking home.

Night Bus

The Students' Union operates the night bus service in Durham City every night throughout term, providing a safe and secure way for lone students to get home in the evening. There is no fixed timetable and, just like a taxi service, students can arrange to be picked up by calling the driver.

For more information visit the Durham Students' Union webpage

Get Home Safe Scheme

Get Home Safe Scheme

The Durham University Get Home Safe Scheme is a service designed to support vulnerable students in an emergency situation by helping them get home safely if they have run out of money. Students who need to use the scheme provide their University Campus Card as a guarantee for the fare.

Taxi partners


Firm name Location Telephone number
JD’s Taxis Durham City 0191 378 2555
Stanley Taxis Durham City 0191 383 2905
Sherburn Taxis Durham City 0191 372 3388
Paddy’s Taxis Durham City 0191 386 6662


Firm name Location Telephone number
Royal Cars Stockton 01642 666666


How does the scheme work?

In an emergency, when you find yourself without money to enable you to get home safely, you can use a taxi firm member of the Get Home Safe Scheme by quoting the scheme. On production of your Campus Card you agree to and are responsible for the cost of the journey.

How do I pay?

In the first instance, at the time of travel, all firms in the scheme will seek payment of all taxi fares directly from you. In the event that you indicate you are unable to pay the fare and wish to use the Get Home Safe Scheme, you will:

  1. Be taken to your chosen destination.
  2. Be asked to give your University Campus Card to the taxi driver.
  3. If you do not have your University Campus Card with you at the time of travel, the taxi driver will request your details including name, college and date of birth, and they will record these in writing.
  4. On receiving your University Campus Card or your details, the taxi driver will provide you with a written receipt acknowledging receipt of your Campus Card or personal details, including details of the journey, the fare payable, and the date and time of travel.

The schemes cover the cost of fares to destinations within an eight (8) mile radius of either Durham City centre or Stockton town centre. Queen’s Campus students can also use the Durham scheme to get back home to Stockton.

What if the company I call can’t provide a taxi?

In the event that one of the firms does not have a car available at the time of contact they shall suggest an alternative scheme member and provide their contact details to you.

How does the taxi firm get paid?

The University will pay for any fares via an account established with the firms. However, you are responsible for repayment of the cost of the fare.

How do I settle the fare?

You should go to the Durham Students’ Union reception (based on New Elvet, Durham City) or the Security Office, Holiday Building, Queen’s Campus in Stockton) to pay for your fare within 48 hours of your journey. When the fare is settled your Campus Card will be returned to you.

When does the scheme operate?

The scheme will operate 7 days a week, throughout the year.

How many times can I use the scheme?

The Get Home Safe Scheme is designed to be used in emergency situations only, and not on a repeated basis.