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Celebrating a decade of international collaboration

(25 January 2021)

The map of the 7 Matariki Network Universities across the world

7 leading universities, partnered across the world

From cyber security to quantum science, the world today requires global innovation. That’s why we’re proud to be part of the Matariki Network of Universities (MNU), a group of seven like-minded institutions spanning three continents, aimed at sharing ideas and learning.

A decade ago, this new global network of universities was launched to increase opportunities for its member institutions to share ideas, expertise and best practices.

To date, the Matariki Network has offered rich opportunities for student and staff mobility, resulting in international student collaboration and over 2,000 co-publications in diverse fields.

Global Citizens

Since the network first began, we have worked together to facilitate formal academic student exchanges within the network, with Durham students playing an important role in developing the flagship Global Citizenship Programme.

Alongside the annual student forums afforded to us through the Programme, we have hosted student research and community engagement placements. These have enabled students to explore problems and potential solutions to issues that have global significance whilst developing a cultural understanding at a far greater depth.

Outcomes of these blended placements include an accessibility audit of St John’s College and a valuable community engagement project undertaken by students from the University of Western Australia and Dartmouth College, respectively.

Black Holes and Revelations

As an international group of like-minded universities, we have grown to be trusted friends, which allows us to benchmark and learn from each other.

The network has provided a means to share research expertise including several workshops on Cyber Security and Disaster Resilience & Risk Studies, the latter hosted by our Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience.

From 2021, our researchers look forward to leveraging world-leading research across the network by leading on a new research theme of Global Health.

Matariki has also provided opportunities for collaboration outside the formal research themes. This includes a series of biennial scientific conferences on black holes, led by physicists at Durham and Dartmouth.

Younger researchers have also benefitted, with several of our PhD students participating in the cross-network Three Minute Thesis competition, which aims to help students to develop their academic, presentation, networking and research communication skills.

Continued Collaboration

Much has been achieved across the MNU over the last ten years. As the friendships between the seven international universities continue to grow, and as we strive to become global citizens, we look forward to many more years of Matariki.

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The Matariki Network of Universities (MNU) is an international group of leading, like-minded universities, each amongst the most historic in its own country, and recognised as being:

  • A premier place of advanced learning, nationally and internationally;
  • Research-intensive across a broad subject base;
  • Focused on providing a high-quality student experience;
  • Flexible, modern, innovative, comprehensive and globally-orientated.

Durham University is a globally outstanding centre of teaching and research excellence, a collegiate community of extraordinary people, a unique and historic setting. We’re a university like no other.