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Sporting students win nine championship finals

(22 March 2017)

Team Durham had a fantastic day at the British University College Sport (BUCS) Finals, winning a grand total of 9 Championships out of 24 played on the day.

The BUCS Finals are a culmination of all Durham's team sports competition programmes. In total, 52 finals were contested across sixteen different sports from Basketball to Water Polo.

Championship (Top Tier)
Durham teams were victorious against other University teams with the following results:

Women's Football:
Durham 4 v Northumbria: 3

Women's Lacrosse:
Durham 7 v Exeter: 2

Men's Lacrosse:
Durham 12 v Nottingham Trent: 9

Women's Tennis:
Durham 8 v Stirling: 4

Men's Tennis:
Durham 8 v Stirling: 2

Men's Fencing:
Durham130 v Cambridge: 101

Men's Water Polo:
Durham 8 v Manchester Met: 5

Women's Water Polo:
Durham 15 v Edinburgh: 11

Women's Volleyball:
Durham 3 v Northumbria: 2

Women's Basketball:
Durham 110 v Loughborough: 113

Men's Basketball:
Durham 62 v Loughborough: 73

Women's Fencing:
Durham 103 v Edinburgh: 128

Women's Table Tennis:
Durham 0 v Nottingham: 5

Trophy (Second Tier):
Women's Lacrosse 2s:
Durham 15 v Cardiff 1s: 10

Women's Tennis
Durham 2s: 10 v Exeter 2s: 2

Men's Tennis
Durham 2s: 10 v Cambridge 1s: 2

Logistical challenge

Will Legg, President of Team Durham said: "It has certainly been a challenge working out how to get 165 athletes to the south-west. In this sense, we have been a victim of our own success! Our jobs at Team Durham would have been so much easier if the event was held a little closer to home! Indeed, with the exciting proposed development at Maiden Castle, we may be in a position to host the occasion in the coming years."

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