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New support for students with a disability

(30 March 2021)

New support available

Our Disability Support Service has developed exciting new initiatives since the start of the pandemic to help our students access the support they need.

Making a confident start at Durham University

Although autism is not an indicator of academic ability, many young people on the spectrum find it difficult to enter university. Moreover, those who do start a degree course are more likely to drop out early.

To provide the right additional support during this challenging time, our Specialist Autism Advisers Rebecca Horsfall and Susan Ashton have worked closely with students and developed a new interactive toolkit. Prospective students are now able to virtually engage with the toolkit and receive the support they need as they prepare for university.

Employ Autism

Students and graduates with autism can now access fully funded internships, with tailored support and training provided to both interns and employers. With recent research showing that autistic graduates are the least likely of all disabled students to find employment, this programme aims to tackle this issue head on. Up to ten paid internships will be available to students and alumni of the University.

This initiative is a joint project of our Disability Support and Career and Enterprise Services, delivered in partnership with the charity Ambitious About Autism and is supported by Santander Universities.

Funded assessments for Dyslexia or Dyspraxia

Whether students are seeking a diagnosis for the first or have a very old assessment that is not suitable in higher education, our Disability Support Service is here to help. Together with The Educational Guidance Service, we have made funding available to help students to secure a full Psychological Diagnostic Assessment for Dyslexia or Dyspraxia.


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