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Being prepared to follow the butterfly

(17 August 2020)

If all of our visible routes forward are blocked, what opportunities could await if we are prepared to change course and follow the butterfly? When Beth Kempton, who is a graduate of BA Japanese and Management Studies here at Durham, entered lockdown, she hadn’t planned to write a book. Writing books, however, is the way she responds to things that “keep tugging at her sleeve”.

In an article, Beth talks us through how although sometimes we have a certain path in mind, we can instead, change course and “follow the butterfly”.

As well as sharing insights from writing a book during the first few weeks of lockdown, Beth also explores what we will remember from this period in history. Beth said:

“Before all this, many of us were sleepwalking through our days. Now we have rested and opened our eyes. We have a new empathy for each other. As a result of all that has happened, there remain few people who don’t know what it means to feel isolated, vulnerable, anxious, at risk, all at sea. This was too big to ignore, and we cannot unsee what we have seen. We have woken up to other people’s pain and felt our compassion for each other. May we stay awake to that.”

Read the full piece here.

More information

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  • Photo by Holly Bobbins Photography