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Durham University

Colleges & wider student experience

Intellectual curiosity

Our colleges empower you to explore your intellectual curiosity, bringing together students from all disciplines, to foster an atmosphere of discussion and sharing of ideas.

You will connect with students from all areas of study in these diverse, interdisciplinary communities, encouraging you to explore and analyse different ideas through guest lectures, talks and exhibitions.

Citizens of the world

All our colleges encourage and enable academic development by bringing students of different disciplines together to share and explore ideas.

For example, Ustinov College, for postgraduate students, is a member of the Matariki Gobal Exchange Programme, which enables students from across the world to work together on issues of Global Citizenship.

Hatfield College Module

As part of its student development programme, Hatfield College invites its students to come to the College Module, a series of inter-disciplinary "conversational lectures" that explore important contemporary themes from an academic viewpoint.

In 2017/18 the Module has been called "Thinking Outside the Box", and staff and students have been thinking about, discussing, and exploring multi-disciplinary issues raised by boxed sets of books or films. For example, we have explored Games of Thrones and international laws relating to warfare, remorse as a literary theme in the Harry Potter books, whether Westworld is a game or not, and Kinship and Courtship in Lord of the Rings.

The College Module is an integrated component of the Hatfield Award for Personal Development, the College’s personal development programme for students.

"Colleges encourage new experiences and new understandings: they are places to discover new interests, to live adventurously and, indeed, to dream."

- HM Evans & TP Burt The Collegiate Way