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Colleges and wider student experience

Choosing a College

Full-time Postgraduates

All students are members of one of our colleges. College allocation is made after you have received and accepted an offer from the University. Once you have received an offer from the University, our Colleges Postgraduate Office will contact you to provide you with further information about college membership and accommodation options.

Once you have accepted your University offer, you can express a preference for membership of a particular college if you would like to, but this is not compulsory. If you express a college preference and your first choice college cannot give you membership, your application will be passed to an alternative college which has vacancies to be filled. If you prefer not to select a college, we will select a college for you on your behalf.

At this stage you can also apply for college accommodation if you would like to. If you wish to apply for accommodation, please ensure the college you choose provides the kind of accommodation you would like to apply for.

College summary table

The total student numbers given includes all full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students. All colleges have a mix of both male and female students.

There are also four colleges that accept part-time and distance-learning applicants for membership; Hatfield College, St Aidan's College, St Mary's College and Van Mildert College. They have approximately 250-300 of these students in addition to the below total student numbers.



Total full-time
PG students

PG rooms

PG rooms

Single gender
blocks available
See key below*
Gowns for
Formal Dinners**
Collingwood 1972 1563 179 30 0% N FC N
Grey 1959 1200 130 40 0% N FC & SC Y
Hatfield 1846 1300 200 48 0% N SC Y
Butler 2006 1130 125 44 100% N SC Y
St Aidan's 1947 1250 200 50 80% Y FC N
St Chad's 1904 559 152 49 71% N FC & SC Y
St Cuthbert's 1888 1301 217 40 100% Y SC & 10M N
Hild Bede 1839 1410 313 45 0% N FC N
St John's 1909 530 160 26 0% N FC Y
St Mary's 1899 929 144 20 40% Y FC Y
Trevelyan 1966 866 149 36 33% N FC Y
University 1832 1100 450 125 100% Y SC Y
Ustinov (PG only) 1965 1300 1300 410 100% Y SC N
Van Mildert 1965 1403 200 50 100% Y FC N

John Snow

2001 1001 35 0 0% Y SC Y
Stephenson 2001 900 50 10 100% Y SC N

*FC: Fully-catered (during undergraduate term-time) / SC: Self-catered / 10M: Optional 10 meal per week package
**All colleges have special dinner events throughout the year called 'Formals'. Some colleges practice the long-established tradition of wearing gowns at these events. Others are less formal and do not wear gowns to dine in.

Student life

What's On? 

The University is a hub of events and activities for students, staff and the wider local community. Our online 'What's On' Guide provides a great way to organise your social diary as well as helping you get involved in free or subsidised activities. It's a great way to try something different and meet new friends!

For an up-to-date calendar of events visit


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