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Total no. of undergraduate students*

Total no. of undergraduate shared rooms

Total no. of postgraduate students*

Total no. of postgraduate rooms

Total no. of students*


Chapel/multifaith room

Gowned formal dinners***

Collingwood College C 1406 18 150 33 1556 Hill N N
Grey College C S 1139 36 159 44 1298 Hill Y Y
Hatfield College C 1066 126 175 47 1241 Bailey Y Y
John Snow College S 705 0 0 0 705 City N Y
Josephine Butler College S 1169 0 143 50 1312 Hill Y Y
St Aidan's College C 920 102 263 60 1183 Hill Y N
St Chad's College C 409 90 151 54 560 Bailey Y Y
St Cuthbert's Society C S P 1232 64 171 40 1403 Bailey N N
College of St Hild & St Bede C 1123 0 206 45 1329 Riverside Y N
St John's College C 505 16 108 26 613 Bailey Y Y
St Mary's College C 759 0 133 35 892 Hill Y Y
Stephenson College S 771 0 67 45 838 Hill N N
Trevelyan College C 783 20 111 36 894 Hill Y Y
University College (Castle) C S 889 62 424 125 1313 Peninsula Y Y
Van Mildert College C 1265 0 155 60 1420 Hill N N

Ustinov College (PG only)

S 0 0 1208 410 1208 N N
South College (opening 2020) **** S TBC 0 TBC TBC TBC Hill TBC TBC

* these figures are subject to annual change

** Catered = C. Self catered = S. Part catered = P.

*** All colleges have special dinner events called 'formals' some colleges wear academic gowns at these events

**** South College opens in 2020 with a reduced number of students with the intention of growing by 2022 to 1200 students

Our interactive map can be viewed here.

Durham currently has 16 colleges and a new 17th college is being built to welcome new students arriving in 2020.

New college developments

To help achieve our University Strategy, 2017-2027 goal that 50% of our students will live in college accommodation, our new 17th College will open in 2020, along with a new home for John Snow College (Illustration of the new site pictured above).

These facilities, which between them will have 1,000 student beds, will be the best that Durham has to offer, and each College will have its own unique look and feel. The site both Colleges will occupy, close to the main University Campus and other Colleges, will also have a Hub with an events hall and a Multi-Use Games Area and benefit from good public transport links to other Departments and Durham City centre.

For 2018/19, John Snow College and Stephenson College are based on the Howlands site, where Stephenson College will remain for 2019/20 and onwards. 

For 2019/20, John Snow College will be based at Rushford Court