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Science Engagement at Lumiere

Events at Lumiere


Science Engagement at Lumiere 2011

The Science Engagement team delivered a series of events for all the family during the Lumiere 2011 weekend, including a demonstration talk at the Gala Theatre called 'Seeing Nature in a Different Light' and 'The Science of Light' workshops at the World Heritage Site Visitor Centre.

Science Engagement at Lumiere 2017

Cosmoscope was an interdisciplinary art and science project that culminated in a monumental sound and light sculpture that was premiered at the Lumiere Festival in Durham in November 2017. Cosmoscope asks audiences to consider the very, very small scale and imagine the very, very large scale, contemplating their own place in the universe and encouraging people to question how we perceive the world around us.

Using resources developed by the science engagement team fourteen primary schools investigated these questions, producing artwork inspired by the themes of Cosmoscope that was exhibited as part of Lumiere. The school workshops were delivered in partnership with OASES.

Here's another chance to see some of the installations inspired by the science we do in Durham from Lumiere 2017.