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Durham University

PVC Colleges & Student Experience Office

Charity Route

The Common Rooms below have voted to remain recognised as student unions under the Education Act 1994 (EA) and are therefore required, under the Charities Act 2011, to register with the Charity Commission if their income is over £100k. If their income is under £100k they are not required to register, but are still regulated by the Charity Commission.

The University Council, which remains responsible for the obligations set out under the EA in relation to these G/JCRs, has agreed that the relevant College Councils should retain the existing delegated authority for discharging these responsibilities, reporting back to University Council.

The Constitutions of these G/JCRs must be approved by the relevant College Council and are subject to 5 yearly review by that College Council.

  • Grey (Constitution approved by College Council 2/6/11)
  • St. Cuthbert's Society (Constitution approved by College Council 18/5/11)
  • Ustinov College (Constitution approved by College Council 28/11/11)

In accordance with the Education Act 1994, Council approved in July 2011 a Code of Practice with the Common Rooms detailing how the requirements of the Act will be effected.

The Education Act also requires us to draw the following to the attention of the students of the four colleges:

  • that, as a charity, the Common Room is subject to a number of restrictions - most notably that the charity must only operate in accordance with its charitable objects and powers as stated within its constitution.
  • The Code of Practice issued by the University relating to Freedom of Speech.

The working relationship between the University, College and G/JCR is regulated by a Memorandum of Agreement, a Funding Agreement and a Data Sharing Agreement.