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PVC Colleges & Student Experience Office

Postgraduate College Allocations

One of our greatest assets at Durham University is our collegiate system.

Colleges are at the heart of the Wider Student Experience where you can socialise and develop personally through intellectual, cultural and social engagement, whether you choose to live in college accommodation or not. Each college offers a diverse and multi-disciplinary community of academics, students and staff from different backgrounds and cultures. College life is a big part of what makes your experience with us so unique and many of our students say that being a member of a college is one of the best aspects of student life at Durham University.

All students at Durham University have membership of a college throughout their time at Durham University, and even years after they have left. For further information regarding what membership is and means to our students.

Postgraduate College Allocation Process - 2018/19 Entry

Full time postgraduate students who will begin their studies in September/October will begin the college allocation process from March time. In order to be invited to submit the college application you must have formally accepted your official postgraduate offer to study at Durham University. You will then be contacted directly by the Accommodation and Allocations Office.

You will choose whether you wish to apply for 'College Membership Only' or 'College Membership and Accommodation'.

You will have the opportunity to express two college preferences within the application, in terms of your college membership. If you do not have a college preference we still encourage you to complete the application and make an 'open' preference. You will still be allocated to any one of our 16 colleges.

You will have an allotted timeframe in which to submit the college application. If you have a college preference that you wish to be considered for it is important that you complete the college application. Doing so will maximise the chance of being allocated membership in a college of your preference. If you do not submit the application within this time, a college will be automatically allocated to you by the Accommodation and Allocations Office.

Your application will be considered by each college preference in turn. We aim to meet your preference for college membership where possible, however this cannot be guaranteed.

We encourage our applicants to research our colleges. From doing this, you will quickly learn which college may best suit your needs. You can access information on our 16 colleges at:

Once an allocation has been made it is very difficult to change your membership. Durham University has a policy that once a college allocation is made then it is part of our broader offer, and not something that would be changed at an applicant's request. Durham University receives many thousands of applications each year and our unique collegiate system is a core part of our student experience. All our colleges are thriving communities with many fantastic opportunities to participate and engage with college and university life. Each of our colleges will give every new student member a warm and friendly welcome that will last a lifetime.

University Accommodation Guarantee 2018/19

The following information applies to new full time postgraduate students who will begin their studies in September/October 2018 and wish to secure accommodation within our colleges.

Durham University has a number of postgraduate rooms available within college accommodation as part of the Accommodation Guarantee Scheme.

To qualify for the Accommodation Guarantee you must:

  • formally accept your official postgraduate offer to study at Durham
  • apply for college member and accommodation via the college application form by 01 June
  • pay a £250 accommodation booking fee payment by 01 June

The Accommodation Guarantee will provide applicants who meet this criteria with a guaranteed accommodation offer of a single study bedroom within University managed accommodation. This means you will be provided with a single room within college accommodation as a whole, and does not apply to a specific college, room type or catering type. We unfortunately cannot guarantee that any preferences can or will be met, which includes the college the accommodation is provided by. We aim to provide accommodation to you within your allocated college, however if this is fully allocated you may be offered accommodation in another college. If you are offered and accept accommodation in another college, your college membership must also be transferred should you choose to accept the offer.

For more details, including information on applications received after 01 June and couple/family accommodation please see: