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Club Captain: Adam Lane


Durham University Lifesaving club is one of the newest sports clubs at Durham. We are a club dedicated to training students in a wide variety of disciplines from swimming, first aid and rescue skills, as well as giving students an opportunity to test what they've learnt in competitions against 12 other universities around the country. Lifesaving is a broad sport, allowing competitors to compete as teams of 4 in a variety of events including speeds (swimming events but a LOT more interesting) and first aid scenarios both in the water and on dry land; giving you the opportunity to apply your training in a real-life scenario. These range from a car crash, to sinking boats, to chemical lab malfunctions.

BULSCA league and championships are a great way to test your skills against fellow students and make friends from clubs all over the country! We encourage everyone to attend regardless of abilities, catering for highly competitive individuals as well as people who just want to have some fun.

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“Lifesaving sport is possibly the most demanding multi-discipline sport that exists in the world today. Connected so closely with the noble act of lifesaving, speed lifesaving offers enjoyment, challenges and learning to all ages and abilities” – RLSS 2006.