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Durham University Esports Advisory Board

The Advisory Board consists of members of staff, students and industry professionals who are dedicated to developing the esports strategy at Durham University.

With high levels of expertise both in and out of the esports industry, our board members are able to contribute ideas and knowledge that encompasses all aspects of esports within higher education and beyond - Including business management, logistics, technical knowledge and academic development.

We are confident that together, we can propel Durham into becoming the leading player in esports in higher education.

Advisory Board - Members



Mr John Hemingway - Chief Information Officer in Computing and Information Services



Mr Quentin Sloper - Director of Student Enrichment in the Student Enrichment Directorate



Professor Sue Black - Professor of Computer Science and Technology Evangelist in the Department of Computer Science



Mariann Hardey


Associate Professor Mariann Hardey - Associate Professor in Business and Computing, Directorate for Advanced Research in Computing (ARC) Institute



Mrs Kylie Kendrick - Chair of the Esports Advisory Board, Technical Specialist and Esports Lead



Mr Alex Winton - Business Development & Operations for LDN UTD | Ops Director for the UKEL



Mr Sam Hibbert - Business Director, NSE | Ambassador at SpecialEffect




Executive Members of Durham University Esports and Gaming (Senate and Exec positions are re-elected each year)


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Collaborations and Partnerships

Part of the advisory boards remit is to discover and develop professional working partnerships with endemic companies and brands within esports. Find out more about this and how to work with us below.

Collaborations and Partnerships